Dog breeds Group 2 – Section 3 from FCI – Swiss Cattle Dogs

Group 2

The original shepherd dogs bore little resemblance to today's Swiss Cattle Dogs, the only characteristic features were their stocky build and short, wide skulls. The colors of today have already appeared in their ancestors, but they were just a variant. The tasks of the dogs were varied: drive cattle to tall pastures, called alpine or alpine grasses , guard the herd, but also guard the house and the yard. Small dogs (Appenzell Cattle Dog and Entelbucher Cattle Dog) were traditionally used primarily to drive herds of cattle, while big dogs (Bernese Mountain Dog and Greater Swiss Mountain Dog) they were used as draft dogs, guardians and pack. The main objective of the breeding was a behavior corresponding to this function regardless of the appearance of the dogs. With the extinction of the great predators in the Alps, pack guard dogs were no longer needed; its use is currently under investigation in the context of predator resettlement (especially wolves).

The FCI ⓘ (Federation Cynologique Internationale) recognize 337 races and each is ‘property’ from a specific country, where it had its origin. All of them are included in 10 Groups under a registration number, a section number and a group number.

In this box we will focus on all the dogs in the Section 3: Swiss Mountain and Cattledogs included in the Group 2: Pinscher and Schnauzer - Molossian breeds - Swiss Mountain and Cattle .

1 Appenzell Cattle Dog

Appenzell Cattle Dog

The Appenzell Cattle Dog kept in a principle in general as a farm dog.

The Appenzell Cattle Dog (Appenzeller) is a race

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2 Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog the races is more sweet and good with children, Despite its large size

The Cowbird's

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3 Entelbucher Cattle Dog

Entlebucher Mountain Dog

The Entelbucher Cattle Dog they are kind and dedicated to people close to him

The Entelbucher Cattle Dog It is the smallest of the four Sennenhund,

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4 Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Despite its impressive size and weight, The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is strong and agile.

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog he's an old dog

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