Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Gran Boyero Suizo

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog (Grosser Schweizer Sennenhund or The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog) is a breed of dog Bootes and the largest of the traditional type of Sennenhund Swiss, that includes four regional breeds.

The name Sennenhund refers to people Senn, dairy and livestock farmers in the Swiss Alps.

The great Swiss Bootes is a large dog, muscular and a tricolor mantle. Males usually weigh between 49,9 and 63,5 kilos pounds and females between 40 kg and 54. His height is around of 66 and 74 cm for males and 65 to 70 for females.

The origin of the great Swiss Boyero is not known with accuracy. The Swiss people themselves cannot be clearly defined as in - only- one of the European tribes, post which was a region of total transit (due to its geographical location, among other things). On the other hand, starting at 1515, the remote valleys of Switzerland were more or less isolated from the history of the world for almost three centuries. Therefore the dogs of the area, they were created by inbreeding, and the puppies were ceded to neighbors and family members. I.e., There was not much possibility of crossing.

What we do know is that the great Brown Swiss was developed in the Swiss Alps and there are several theories about the origin of the four races Sennenhund. The most popular theory says that dogs descend trotting type dogs, a type of dog Mastiff, He accompanied Roman legions in the invasion of the Alps for more than 2000 years.

A second theory is that in the year 1100 BC, the Phoenicians brought a dog with them large settlements in Spain. These dogs later migrated eastward and influenced the development of the Spanish Mastiff, Mastiff in the Pyrenees, Bordeaux Mastiff, and the four Sennenhund breeds.

A third theory says that the big dog was a native of Central Europe during the Neolithic period, present at the stage in which human beings began to cultivate and domesticated animals, to aid in their plantations and livestock care.

Whether or not a domesticated large breed, already existing in the area of the Alps, When the Romans invaded, the great Swiss Boyero, It is almost certain that is the result of the mating of the farm dogs native with a large Mastiff type dogs, brought to Switzerland by foreign settlers.

The first ancestors of the great Swiss Boyero were used by farmers, farmers and merchants in the Centre of Europe. The race was raised as a dog shot to pull heavy carts, to save and move the dairy cattle, and as a guard dog and family companion.

The life expectancy of a dog is inversely proportional to the size of the race.

The larger and heavier dogs, as the Swiss mountain dogs, they tend to have a life expectancy shorter than that of small and medium size dogs.

The four breeds of Sennenhund, with the original breed name followed by the version in English, they are as follows:

The race San Bernardo, It was the first to be documented and differentiated from other large dogs in the region. Except for colour and historical documentation, St. Bernard is very similar to the largest Sennenhund and share history.

The official records of the St. Bernard Hospice are of 1707, paintings and drawings of the dog even earlier. This race was the first included in the Swiss Stud Book in 1884 and the standard was adopted in 1887. The Sennenhund did not began to formally split into races up 1908.

Like all the greats, they are very active working dogs; this breed should socialize with other dogs and human birth and must have a regular activity and a continuous training if you want to keep as a pet. The Swiss Cowbird has generally good temperament and is a family dog.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

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