Entelbucher Cattle Dog
Suiza FCI 47 - Swiss Cattle Dogs

Boyero de Entlebuch

The Entelbucher Cattle Dog they are kind and dedicated to people close to him



The Entelbucher Cattle Dog is the smallest of the four Sennenhund, a type of dog that includes four races in the region. The name Sennenhund refers to the population Senn, dairy and livestock farmers in the Swiss Alps.

The distinctive of this variety of Sennenhund name responds to the District of Entlebuch (in German Amt Entlebuch) It is one of five districts of the Canton of Lucerne (Switzerland), Located southwest of Canton.

All races Sennenhund are believed to be descendants of large molossians brought to Switzerland by the Romans in the 1st century to. C. However, Entlebuch's Boyero was described as a separate breed in 1889. After the first world war, the breed declined greatly in number of copies.

The first breed club was not formed until 1926, only sixteen examples of this type of dog were recorded in 1927, and so was, the race was gradually restored. Although initially the race stayed for custody of goods and grazing, Today the race generally reserves as a cheerful companion family.

The Entelbucher Cattle Dog is recognized by the International Cynological Federation, and it uses the standard written in the native country of the race, Switzerland.

Other national canine clubs not affiliated to the Federation Cynologique Internationale, They also recognize the race, but they often write their own versions of the standard of the breed.

The breed is recognized by numerous small clubs and registries on the Internet, where is promoted as a rare species for purchasers of puppies that are seeking a unique pet.

Physical characteristics

Entelbucher Cattle Dog is a square dog, robust, but medium-sized. It has small ears, triangular and rather small brown eyes. The head is well-proportioned to the body, with a flat and strong skull. His long jaw is well formed and powerful. Toes are compact and provide cushioning and support his muscular body.

The layer of hair is smooth is thin and hard, with symmetrical markings of tricolor. White on their toes, the tip of the tail, the chest, the Tan always lies between the black and white. It has muscular broad hips. The tail is sometimes cut, a practice which is prohibited by law in many countries.

A Entelbucher Cattle Dog It has a height at the withers between 44 and 52 cm in males and between 42 and 50 cm in females. Weight is between 20 and 30 kg.

Character and skills

Like all large working dogs, very active, which is why, This race should be socialized at an early age with other dogs and people, and always with normal activity and training that can live safely as a pet (given its size, It may be a problem if you do not receive adequate education).

According to the standard of the breed, they are dedicated to people close to him and kind dogs, a little distrustful with strangers, and he loves children. But we must always bear in mind that the temperament of the dogs is individual, namely, may variar…

Entelbucher Cattle Dog Education

The Entelbucher Cattle Dog feel more comfortable in the field. He wants to move and be busy. Not a sofa dog. Not suitable for comfortable people and not for life in the middle of the city, but for challenges at work and dog sports. However, you don't necessarily need a house with a big garden, what would be ideal, because it also settles for an apartment. He has no special demands on his attitude, except the fact that we work with him and that on a daily basis. The nucleus and end of their close participation is the human family. The Entelbucher Cattle Dog can be well trained. Loves to learn and learns with enthusiasm. It is strongly oriented towards its humans, which can be put to good use. The Entlebucher can read the mood and desires of your humans on their faces. This in turn means that one must approach one's education with feeling and of course with consequence.. You have a clear sense of justice and, therefore, questions fair treatment of him.

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Type and recognitions:

  • Group 2: Pinscher and Schnauzer - Molossian breeds - Swiss Mountain and Cattle
  • Section 3: Swiss Mountain and Cattledogs. Without working trial. .



FCI breed standard "Entelbucher Cattle Dog"

FCIFCI - Entelbucher Cattle Dog

Alternative names:

    1. Entelbuch Mountain Dog, Entelbucher Cattle Dog, Entlebucher (English).
    2. Bouvier de l’Entlebuch (French).
    3. Entlebucher Sennenhund (German).
    4. Entlebucher Sennenhund (Portuguese).
    5. Entlebucher Sennenhund (Spanish).
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