Dog breeds Group 2 – Section 1 from FCI – Pinscher and Schnauzer.

Pinscher and Schnauzer were originally free range and farm dogs. They had to protect large stables from intruders, chase away rats and mice or accompany wagons. They are vigilant and distrustful of strangers

The FCI brings together in this group dogs traditionally used as shepherds and guardians for their brave and determined character. Pinschers have short, hard coats like the Dobermann. The Schnauzer type are characterized by their hairy snout. In the two types, smaller breeds are appreciated companion animals.

The FCI ⓘ (Federation Cynologique Internationale) recognize 337 races and each is ‘property’ from a specific country, where it had its origin. All of them are included in 10 Groups under a registration number, a section number and a group number.

Standard – classification FCI

  • Group 2: Pinscher and Schnauzer Dogs - Molossoids - Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs.

  • Section 1:Pinscher and Schnauzer types.

1 Affenpinscher


Activos, adventurous, curious and stubborns, but also cheerful and playful.

del Affenpinscher

Type dogs Affenpinscher They are known since about 1600, years. At that time,

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2 Austrian Pinscher

Austrian Pinscher 1

Self-confident, lively, attentive, playful, especially attached

The Austrian Pinscher descends from old Austrian Landpinscher, it was still widespread in the

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3 Black Russian Terrier

Black Russian Terrier

The Black Russian Terrier, need plenty of exercise, and it can be hyperactive and destructive

The Black Russian Terrier, (in Russian: ЧЁРНЫЙ ТЕРЬЕР), abbreviated as BRT,

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4 Dobermann


Although the Dobermann has a reputation for being a sharp and even sinister dog, his devoted fans consider him the most loving and

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5 Dutch Smoushond

Dutch Smoushond

Born to follow the horse and rider, and catch the rats in the blocks.

The Dutch Smoushond is a very ancient race. Its

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6 German Pinscher

German Pinscher

The German Pinscher is a dog, extremely, active and lively, alert and vigilant.

The German Pinscher (German pinscher “bite”) is a breed of

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7 Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzer

The Giant Schnauzer is a balanced dog, sweet with children and distrustful with strangers.

The Giant Schnauzer is a breed of dog

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8 Miniature Pinscher

Miniature Pinscher

The Miniature Pinscher has much temperament, vitality and is an excellent companion dog.

It is often thought that the Pinscher miniatura is a

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9 Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer

The Miniature Schnauzer It is only a balanced and affectionate companion dog.

The Miniature Schnauzer It is derived from the Standard Schnauzer,

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10 Standard Schnauzer

Standard Schnauzer (or standard)

Starting at the Standard Schnauzer the other two varieties were developed (Giant and Enano)

The Standard Schnauzer (standard) It is the original breed of the three

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