Pit Bull saves family from fire, including a baby

Thor,the Dog Rescuer.

An American PitBull Terrier saves life to an entire family died in a fire,even the animal threw his cot for a baby which he dragged out to remove it from the danger saving life in Bristol, USA.

The fire began around 3 am on Thursday in a hallway and quickly spread throughout the House.

"It seems that the real hero here is the pit bull family", said Frank Connolly, Executive Deputy Director of the Elkhart County Red Cross. "Apparently", "'Thor woke" the family and tried to pull the baby and the cradle of the House. We have recently learned the importance of pets can be a family, and this is so marked as an example that I have not ever seen. ”

The family says Thor ladraba and jumped on them until he woke up. He then grabbed the baby Moses and dragged it to the main gate.

"He is the hero of today". "He is the man", said Hunter Kemper, owner of Thor. "We gave the round to find the cradle that was at the head of the bed", and was at the door. Everything you need to do is open the door and exit. Thor as a 'Let's Roll, Dad! It is time to go, "I have you '".

No one in the family was injured, but his house suffered serious damage. The Red Cross provides short term housing, as well as food, blankets, clothing and a crib for the baby.

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