Jack Russell spent 7 days trapped under 45 tons of rocks

The dog in the photo is called Jessie, is one Jack Russell for four years he spent a week trapped bass 45 tons of rock, After falling by a crack of 11 depth meters.

It was a Saturday, When Mr Steve Porter (owner of Jessie), He was with his dog to hunt rabbits, commonplace in the routine of Steve and Jessie. They were hunting on Mount Beckworth, between Clunes and Waubra, When Jessie ran out to a gato… Something that not all the attention of Steve, as he well knew the area and the dog always went running animals in the field.

He did not return immediately, but that was not something unusual, but after a while he began to hear howls of despair of Jessie, and then, knew that he was in trouble. Yes, had been despeñando by a crack of 11 meters of depth being buried by a pile of rocks that impeded to come out by its own pie…

Jessie could only move his head and front legs, right to ask for relief.

Such tragedy, the owner did not hesitate a minute and set up a rescue plan, much help was needed and (lot of money), had to move tons of stone.

A team of four people, worked tirelessly, sometimes even the 2 am, to move the rock, cm centimeter. Including some representatives of the Maryborough state emergency service that, they were able to move a rock weighing around 20 tons, But even so, Jessie was unattainable.

Jessie, was barely visible to its owner, but I knew he was there. The ordeal lasted a week... AND, There was Steve, glued to the rocks, moving heaven and Earth to rescue him.

His son Tom - next to the rescue team- He had already begun to penetrate the solid granite rock, but time was running out, and many people believed that it was a madness, It was useless to try because it would take too long and perhaps Jessie did not endure so much there...

But Steve, no surrender, reaching even to recruit specific machinery for working with stones, i.e. a hydraulic machine which managed to bring from Melbourne, capable of lifting 95 tons. But still, Jessie, I could not move.

Steve, in an interview, he recounted that, though the soul made pieces he thought more than once in the chance to sacrifice Jessie, to avoid

this terrible suffering, Although the distant look lively (Although exhausted) the dog, I said that it should go ahead and save.

At last, After seven days under the ground, Jessie was rescued with a rope and a special harness, you could hook. As soon as he came to the surface, He ran in a straight line towards the Sr. Porter and leapt into his arms.

“I could not believe that he was in very good condition!, Neither, It has been able to believe it the vet”, Porter said.

After spending the night under observation at a veterinary clinic, It was published - the weekend- the been - surprisingly- good, It was, Jessie.

In an interview that he made to the Sr. Porter, Once past the Calvary, asked if he would return to go hunting despite what has happened, and replied Yes, the dog is already anxious to leave adventure.

Here we have another story that is worth reading and keep in mind. It helps us to understand that the love of animals has no limits, and at the same time we, shivers thinking, How is that there is the maltrato… it possible

A real example.

Source: The Courier

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