A researcher tracks Tenerife dog

A family Canary posing with copies of this breed of dog that was originally called Tenerife
A family Canary posing with copies of this breed of dog that was originally called Tenerife

Some French were exemplary of the island in the years 20 and they called the race, unique in the world, bichon frise

The American researcher Matthew Sell follow the trail in Tenerife of an endemic breed of dog from the island who was so famous that it became almost everyone and was coveted by Kings and nobles. Although during the last century, it bore the name of Tenerife, the French, its largest exporter during the period, they changed it and put bichon frise. The history of this pet is little known in the Canary Islands, unless someone related to the canine world. Showing its origin is virtually impossible, but the expert has him entering after the two world wars - the early years 20 and 50 - were France several copies to recover the species in France.

The group that helps Matthew Sell, among which is the Professor of the Universidad de La Laguna (ULL) Ulises Martin, want to know who these people were. The objective is to “trace the recent history of the bichon frise, It then disappeared from the island”. Veterinarians, as explained by the Canarian expert, they only record this type of races on the Peninsula, While there are no breeders in Tenerife. Somehow, This dog was recognized in Europe and “We do not know what adventures had in the Canary Islands”. “What we know is that around 1924 and 1950 they were exported to France”, indicates Martin.
Of the bichones which were sent from Tenerife descend the main lines and the best standards of the breed today. “We'd like to give with those who could raise or respond to this can of the island, because nobody today knows the bichon and there they have come from the Peninsula”, ensures the ULL expert.

It is not known with certainty in what century began the race or if extended thanks to Italian and Spanish sailors. The bichon as such began in the island and it is not known if it was the result of mixing with dogs of the guanches, It had small dogs like this.
Matthew Sell underlines that it is not known how this race was marketed, but that came to Europe. “Some think that the sailors used it as currency”, points. Through the paintings - as in the Dukes of Osuna, Goya - it is known that he was transferred to Italy especially, France and England. At that time it was called Tenerife, but little else appears on its origins, Adds the researcher. What is certain is that in the years 20 came to the island some French exporters to pick up two copies and took them to his country.

In 1933, However, France recorded the bichon as a race official in the country and took the name of Tenerife. In the news, where is most recognized this animal is in Australia, England and North America.

Due to lack of information, expert tries to find someone who has knowledge of the race between the decades of age 20 and 50. To contact the, Matthew Sell offers email [email protected] and phone 922644642. “We have found a photo of El Hierro with this dog”, but clarifies that when it gets an image we must analyze it because, as the animal has a long hair and drooping, They combed it and cut it in very different ways. “That complicates everything, since they can seem like two different races and actually be the same”, points.

The bichon has always been known for being small and company, with a white, fluffy fur and a cheerful and active character.

Via: laopinion.es
Image: Matthew Sell

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