Red-crested Cardinal

It is a beautiful bird colors is appreciated for its beauty and singing, If that be prodige in this activity is recommended to leave only the male.

It feeds on millet, oats, birdseed, wheat, rapeseed, and a long etc. We can also add various herbs and fruits. This bird should be always available fresh water as she loves to bathe. It must be said that it is very strong and resistant and supports hassle-free winter in an outdoor cage. Well looked after is a bird that can live up to 20 years in captivity.

For breeding your convenience is in a large aviary, with shrubs which can establish its nest, Although not always the case and sometimes also nest in open nidales.

The implementation consists of 3 - 6 eggs which the female incubates almost always alone, Although in some couples both parents take turns to do so. The incubation period is of 15 days and children leave the nest to the 17 days even though the parents are still alimentandolos for three weeks more.

The Red-crested Cardinal lives in South America, from the South of Brazil, Bolivia and reaches the central part of Argentina.

The female is indistinguishable from the male as the colorful, but in a quiet State male has bun dropped on his head and Hedgehog it in moments of excitement. Young Cardinals have the head of a brown hue and not present bow, This begins to grow them seven weeks after his birth, Although not harder adult plumage until the second year.

Source: criaderofaunashop

Fuente de la imagen: Brazilian Cardinal Taken on the North Shore of Oahu by Rich Engelbrecht originally posted to Flickr

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