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Breeders of German Wirehaired Pointing Dogs in Spain

Criadores de Perro de muestra alemán de pelo duro o Deutsch Drahthaar en España


The German Wirehaired Pointing Dog is a breed of German origin.

In this long-haired hunting dog the blood of hounds gathers, hunters of birds, water dogs and hunting with Falcons and therefore has a tendency to great versatility. As of the year 1879 pure breeding was carried out and the essential characteristics of the breed were established.

In the year 1897, the Baron de Schorlemer established the first standard of the German Longhaired Pointer and this was the basis for the current pure breeding. It became one of the main hunting breeds in Germany in the latter part of the 20th century..

It is strong, muscular, under, of flowing lines, is medium-sized (Read all about the race…).

Breeders of the breed "Breeders of German Wirehaired Pointing Dogs in Spain"

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