List of parrots with letters J-K-L

History, natural habitat, characteristics and conservation of the different species of parrot.

alphabetical order of parrots

The vast majority of these beautiful birds are not suitable for living in captivity. History and characteristics of the species.

1 Jandaya Parakeet

Jandaya Parakeet

30 cm.. length.

The Jandaya Parakeet (Aratinga jandaya) they have both sides of the neck, cheeks, lores, ear-coverts and forecrown orange, more

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2 Josephine's Lorikeet

Josephine's Lorikeet

24 cm.. length and an approximate weight of 68 g..

The head of the Josephine's Lorikeet (Charmosyna josefinae) is color

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3 Kakapo


Males can reach up to 60 cm. and weigh between 3 and 4 kg.

The Kakapo (Strigops habroptila) is a

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4 Kawall's Parrot

Kawall's Parrot

35-36 cm.. length.

The Kawall's Parrot (Amazona kawalli) after not having been recorded in the wild for a few 70 years,

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5 Kea



The Kea (Nestor notabilis) It is a bird of the family Strigopidae of 48 cm.. length and an average weight of

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6 Kuhl's Lorikeet

Kuhl's Lorikeet

18 cm.. long and an approximate weight of 55 g..

Males and females of the Kuhl's Lorikeet (Vini kuhlii) are

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7 Large Fig Parrot

Large Fig Parrot

18 cm.. length and a weight between 108 and 126 g..

The Large Fig Parrot (Psittaculirostris desmarestii) is a small Parrot, Chunky,

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8 Large-billed Parrotlet

Large-billed Parrotlet

12 - 13 cm.. height.

The Large-billed Parrotlet (Forpus crassirostris) has the crown, back of the neck and ear-coverts,

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9 Layard's Parakeet

Layard's Parakeet

29 cm., including its tail up 13 cm.. and 100 g. of weight.

The adult male of

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10 Lilac-crowned Parrot

Lilac-crowned Parrot

33 cm. head to tail and weighs on average 310 g..

The Lilac-crowned Parrot (Amazona finschi) has the forecrown and Lords

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11 Lilac-tailed Parrotlet

Lilac-tailed Parrotlet

The Lilac-tailed Parrotlet (Touit batavicus) has 14 cm.. height. Usually black in it upperparts (back and wings) and green in

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12 Lilian's Lovebird

Lilian's Lovebird

Lilian's Lovebird

14 cm.. length and a weight between 28 and 37 g..

The colorful plumage of the small Inseparable

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13 Little Corella

Cacatua sanguinea

It measures 35-40 cm.. and weighs approximately 500 g..

In the Little Corella (Cacatua sanguinea), the head and crest (that the majority of the

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14 Little Lorikeet

Little Lorikeet

16 - 19 cm.. length and an approximate weight of 40 g.. The Little Lorikeet (Parvipsitta petty) is the smallest

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15 Long billed Corella

Cacatua tenuirostris

35 - 41 cm.. length. The weight of 500 - 600 g..

The Long billed Corella (Cacatua tenuirostris) has plumage white. The

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16 Long-tailed Parakeet

Long-tailed Parakeet

Of 40 - 48 cm.. length and 168 - 196 g. of weight.

The Long-tailed Parakeet (Psittacula

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17 Lord Howe Island Parakeet †

Lord Howe Island Parakeet

21-27 cm.. of length and a weight of 80 g..

The Lord Howe Island Parakeet (Cyanoramphus subflavescens) It was a green parrot size

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18 Luzon Racquet-tail


23 centimeters long, not to mention their racquets, and a weight between 100 and 140 g..

The Luzon Racquet-tail (Prioniturus montanus) has the

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