Caucasian Shepherd
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Caucasian Shepherd (Pastor of the Caucasus)

Pastor Caucásico

The Caucasian Shepherd It is a healthy animal and stable temperament.

The Pastor caucásico It is a very popular breed of dog in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, and other countries where shepherds need much protection for their flocks and properties.

Situated between the Black Sea to the West and the Caspian Sea to the East, the the Caucasus Mountains It represents a true cultural melting pot that is considered by several Nations as their place of origin from ancient times. These influences are still strong today and represent a rich cultural source, as well as reasons for political conflict. Encompassing the territories of Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kabardino-Balkaria, Dagestan, Ossetia, Turkey, Chechnya, Ingushetia and Iran, the range of the Caucasus is also home to one of the oldest breeds of molossians, the magnificent dog of the Caucasus. In fact, the term of “Caucasian dog” It should be applied to a group of dog breeds and not only one of them.

There are a variety of types among the Caucasian dogs due to their places of origin, but due to the ignorance of many Westerners and strong nationalism in Russian and pro-Russian breeders, only one type of dog with a confusing name is favored in the exhibitions and literature, at the expense of the truth and other varieties of this breed.

The exotic name improper Ovcharka is very popular in the West, Thanks to the efforts of the Russian Kennel Club, but to simply translate means “Herding dog”, doing little popular and even offensive among the peoples of non-Russians from the Caucasus and breeders.

Considered a Russian breed of dog, the Caucasian Shepherd is part of “The Troika”, a trio of well-known Russian shepherds dogs. The other two members of this are the controversial Pastor of Central Asia and South Russian Shepherd.

Although its first official appearance in a Western exhibition took place during the years 30 in Germany, the Caucasian dog has existed since ancient times as well as other molossians East, He was inducted into the bloodlines of several dog breeds of the world throughout history.

The Armenian plateau was one of the earliest cradles of civilization and the appearance of dogs with these characteristics is closely linked to this area. The Armenian Gampyrs is regarded as a variant of the Caucasian dog and though I was, It is important to note that this race has two distinct varieties is believed are much older than the modern Caucasian shepherds and Central Asia. Some believe that the Caucasian dog is the result of crossing the Gampyrs Spitz type dogs in antiquity, but this theory is not popular.

The main Russian bloodlines of the breed can be traced from Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Tambov, Orenburg, Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk, Novosibirsk, Donetsk, Lugansk, Ivanovo, Perm, Nizhny Novgorod and St. Petersburg, Although several different bloodlines in the Caucasus Mountains can still be found..

Recent times, the term “Aboriginal” It is being used to describe old bloodlines not suitable for exhibits mountain, but it is very desorientante and is often a conjuring trick of some breeders.

Even though most dogs of the Caucasus are functional hybrids resulting from the crossing of several types, You can see distinctive features in the regional variants. For example:

  • The Georgian dogs are divided between the type Mkinvartsveri Kazbek, large, hair long and often multicoloured, and type Nagazi, smaller, semi-largo hair gray and with more elongated snouts. But there is also a different race called Georgia Tushetian Nagazi or Georgian Caucasian Shepherd Dog, which represents the original Georgian population of the breed, being the most valuable white copies.
  • Dogs of the Dagestan they are high, Head of broadband, and athletic, its fur is always short and multicoloured.
  • The type Astrakhan It is in the Kabardino-Balkaria region and is believed to be the result of the junction between the Russian type of exhibition and old Circassian dogs and kazbekos, but the molossians Balkars also have their roots in the Sarmatian Mastiff.
  • Dogs of the Turkish Caucasus they are divided into four types, these being the They garban, the Akhaltsihnske the Circassian and the dog Kars.
  • The They garban (Gorban) of short snout, short bayo color coat, Brown and red with or without white and extremely aggressive brands, is the result of the intersection of the Kangal and the Kars, as well as other Turkish dogs with Armenian dogs and kazbekos crossing.
  • The type Akhaltsihnske It was created from crosses between Garban variety Georgian Nagazi and possibly the Turkish Akbash, resulting in dogs with long hair on entire colors such as white, Bayo and grey. The Circassian variety is believed to be the result of the intersection of dogs Kangal with the dogs Cherkes introduced to Turkey after the Ruso-Circasianas wars.
  • The dog Kars It is a closely related to the Kars province of the current Turkey and is currently considered a breed apart. The Armenian Gampyrs dogs are usually smaller than the Georgian dogs, they have a shorter neck and a complexion more quadrangular, at the same time allowing a wide variety of colors, even Brown or black.
  • The Azeri variety Volkodav also has two types, one mountain with long hair and other steppe with short hair, being both smaller than Georgian and Armenian mountain, as well as always having black masks.
  • The result of crossing dogs of the southern Caucasus with dogs Sage Mazandarani and Turkish Kars is the Iranian Sage Ghafghazi, a slender, powerful and hairy Mastiff used as guardian of caravans by Shahsavan nomads, that have been raised since the 17TH century. These Iranian Caucasians come in various colors, both integers and bicolour.
  • Also, There is a rare Mastiff short hair Caucasian, known as the North-Caucasian Volkodav, It is on its way to be recognized as a breed apart.
  • Even the legendary Alano, considered the key to all the races in bulldogs, pastors of the Caucasus is also descended from this family of dogs.

As he was already mentioned more above, the majority of Caucasian dogs are hybrids of varieties established crossing, as with dogs of Central Asia, making the Russian variety to display looks a top dog before West. This is due in part to the main differences between Western and Eastern traditions: dogs are only servants to work in Middle East, While in the West are mainly for pets and exhibits. The strains of the Caucasian Shepherd fight may have some European dog breeds blood, it ranged from some mastiffs to Pit Bull Terriers and Bandogges. But these crosses are a minority in this race.

Pastor physical characteristics of the Caucasus

A dog Caucasian Shepherd well bred should be a healthy animal, for strong bones, muscular build and stable temperament. The very calm and very aggressive temperaments, they are considered to be serious flaws in a dog of this breed.

Despite being generally long-lived and healthy, the Caucasians may suffer from Hip Dysplasia, obesity and heart problems.

Ears of the Caucasian Shepherd They have traditionally been cut, Although in some current examples will it leave them intact.

Despite the fact that there are several types of coats and colors in this race, the preferred and allowed in the exhibition are those dogs with long coat of grey and white spots.

We do not accept black copies with patches of fire in the exhibitions, Despite the fact that they exist. The minimum height is of 62,23 centimeters, without limiting the above.

In this race are known two types of dogs: Mountain and plain. The second type have shorter fur and are visually higher due to its little muscular build. The first type have longer fur and are more muscular.

The weight of this race is between the 45-70 kg, While its height is around the 64-75 centimeters.

In his homeland., Monteria - alias Caucasian Shepherd- It is usually hidden within the flock of sheep. A pack of wolves (3 or 4) It will attack sheep without being aware of the presence of the dog, that will attack them by surprise and You may face two wolves at the same time.

Their fur is thick and is arranged in several layers, which prevents that the bites of wolves so injured. They are animals faithful to his work of protectors of the herd and his family, to which they will defend against any threat at all times.

Unfortunately, the Caucasians are negatively portrayed as violent and dangerous dogs, When only react in such a way to perceive a threat to his family and home.

Pastor character and skills of the Caucasus

Molosos Caucasians have been used for centuries to protect properties, monitor cattle, kill wolves, Hunt bears and many other tasks. But at the present time, especially in the West, they are used as pets and guardians.

Considered primarily an aggressive watchdog, the pastor of the Caucasus is a intimidating guardian and undertaken without equal. Generally the Caucasian Shepherd is a dog with low activity, seeming lethargic when not working, but extremely Agile and convincing when it feels its family is threatened.

Although some strains are more aggressive than others, all Caucasians are very territorial and aggressive towards other dogs, which is why they need an early and extensive socialization, as well as a strict, but never forced, training.

This ancient breed is good family dog, but it is not the same as having a Newfoundland, a Bernese Pastor or a St. Bernard. Potential owners must be very knowledgeable about the history of the race and his temper, before you start to raise a Caucasian Shepherd Dog.

Always talk to the owner before caressing one of these dogs, they are not “big teddy bears” willing to be embraced. A Caucasian Shepherd, with good temperament, It will simply give a step backwards and will lower your head; This is a good sign, Since these dogs do not have the same temperament as a Golden Retriever to other people.

Powerful, solid, the Pastor of the Caucasus It can be a race of difficult upbringing for an inexperienced owner, that only respects and responds to those members of the family to show their dominance over the animal. They are generally good with children, but not considered them owners.

The dog develops a strong bond with his owner, but it will very rarely be completely submissive and will follow orders blindly, as a dog of this breed mainly trusts his instincts, to the point of disobeying the orders of its owner in certain situations.


As a breed with a very short reaction time and fast protection reflexes, He has unfairly been described by some as “a stray bullet”. With proper care and training, the dog is a pet obedient and educated.

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  • Otros nombres: Pastor del Cáucaso / Kavkazskaïa Ovtcharka / Circassian sheep dog / Caucasian Ovcharka / Armenian Khobun / Georgia Nagazi / Sage Ghafghazi / Kars Çoban Köpeği / კავკასიური ნაგაზი / Kavkasiuri nagazi / Caucasian Ovcharka / Caucasian Mountain Dog / Kars Çoban Köpeği / Kavkazty Uasahichala / Circassian Sheep dog / Адыгэ Мэлыхъуахь (Adyghe melekhuah).
  • Group 2 / Section 2 – Molosoides and mountain dogs.

Dogs breeds: Caucasian Shepherd

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