Extinct breed dog.


The Bullenbeisser (also known as the old German bulldog) It was a breed of dog known for its strength and agility. The breed is closely related to the Bärenbeisser race (Some believe that the two races were the same, the name means “Toro-bite” and “bear bite”), and the Boxer breed.

There were two regional varieties, the Brabanter Bullenbeisser and the Danziger Bullenbeisser. The race is now is extinct.

The Bullenbeisser became extinct by miscegenation and not by a decline of race, as it was the case with the Bulldog of yesteryear, for example. The size of the Bullenbeisser dogs varied in 40 to 70 cm in 1850, the smallest known copy, It lived in what today is Netherlands and Belgium, and the largest specimen, in Germany.

At the end of the Decade of 1870, German breeders Roberth, Konig, and Hopner used the dog to create a new generation, they crossed a few 30 Bullenbeisser, with type Boxer dogs, and with dogs Bulldog brought from the British Isles. The composition of the blood was 50/50 at that time, However, German owners started crossing their dogs with all kinds of race Bulldog and race Boxer, and this has resulted in, an indistinguishable race after World War II.

The one and only true descendant of the Bullenbeisser is the American Pitbull Terrier. The Boxer It is a descendant of a 70% of the Bullenbeisser.

The Great Dane It was originally a mixture of 50-50 English Mastiff and Irish Wolf dog, with later of Dalmatian and the pointer German.

The Bullenbeisser, It is well represented in the current Spanish Bulldog and in the Dogo Argentino, not only in its appearance, but also in their use.

Alternative names:

    1. German Bulldog (English).
    2. bulldog allemand, Bullenbeisser (French).
    3. Bärenbeißer (German).
    4. Buldogue alemão,Bulldog alemão, Mastiff alemão, Barenbeiszer, Bullenbijter (Portuguese).
    5. Bulldog Alemán, Pequeño Brabante (Spanish).
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