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Colorpoint shorthair cat
Federations: CFA, WCF

Fawn Point is a rare Siamese point. Only the traditional Cat Association recognizes it as an official color. – Photo by Hockeyben



The Colorpoint shorthair cat is a variety of domestic cat. Depending on the cat registry, can be considered an independent breed of cats, or more often a variant of a pre-existing one, if it is accepted. These cats are distinguished by their conformity to a wide range of sixteen different colors, in addition to the four standard Siamese colors.

The variety was initially created by crossing the Siamese cat with the American shorthair cat – the same mix that created the Oriental shorthair cat, but with different objectives.

The Colorpoint shorthair shares the dot coloring pattern with the Siamese, but in the non-traditional colors of red, cream, tortoiseshell and lynx dots (striped), and in small variations of the same. Regarding body style, head shape and other features, may be intermediate between the two founding breeds, showing cats leaning towards Siamese features. Those who prefer the traditional look of the Siamese may also favor the Colorpoint shorthair of a more moderate type that resemble their ancestors of the American shorthair cat in terms of shape.

The Cat Fan Association (CFA) and the World Cat Federation (WCF) they are the only major registries that recognize them as an independent breed. In other records, they are part of the races siamesa u Oriental shorthair (and may not be accepted as show and breeding quality, depending on the colors that the registry allows in these breeds, and if they allow some type of crossing in the lineage). Since these cats are a cross, various registries are reluctant to accept them as races or as Siamese valid.


The effort to produce a dotted cat of style Siamese in colors other than the traditional four began in England and America in the decade of 1940, carried out by breeders who used crosses between the Siamese cat, the Abyssinian cat and the Red domestic shorthair cat. The American shorthair cat also became part of the matrix.

At the beginning, the breeders of Colorpoint suffered setbacks and failures; in the effort to get the right colors in the right places, body type was often sacrificed Siamese. The breeding was further complicated by the difficulty of working with the red coloration because it is a sex-linked color..

Physical characteristics

«Gato Colorpoint de pelo corto» es el nombre que la Asociación de Aficionados a los Gatos (CFA), an association of the breed in the United States, utiliza para referirse a los gatos punteados de ascendencia siamesa y de tipo en colores distintos a los cuatro colores siameses «tradicionales» (seal, chocolate, azul y lilac point). This name is also given to cats of Siamese descent in all four recognized colors whose eight-generation pedigree shows ancestors with other colors. In records of other countries, However, «Colorpoint» (o «Colourpoint«) It is the name given to cats of the Persian type and dotted coloration, as in the Himalayan cat.

At the CFA, a Colorpoint shorthair cat It can also be any of the four traditional colors of the Siamese cat; However, can only be displayed at the red dot (also called flame point, in the Persian Family) or cream point, or any of the above colors in tabby point (also called lynx point) or tortoiseshell point.

In most records, in addition to the CFA, the Colorpoint shorthair cat not considered a separate breed, but simply a color class within the Siamese race.

Colorpoint shorthair cat
Jade, to 2 year old Siamese Flame point – Theseherodies, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Character and skills

"Colorpoint shorthair cat"

Gato Colorpoint de pelo corto
Colorpoint Shorthair. Blue eyes, White cat. Ckolony at the English-language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Colorpoint shorthair cat is a very intelligent breed, playful and that gets along with people. They are extremely affectionate and outgoing and enjoy lazing around and playing with people., lo que hace que también se les describa como «extrovertidos». They can also be very sensitive with nervous temperaments., who do not adapt well to changes in the environment or strangers.

Like the Siamese, can be extremely vocal and demanding of attention, feeling the need for human company. They have more than 100 vocal sounds, much more than other races, so they emit very unusual meows. Males are sometimes overly aggressive towards other animals and will fight with other cats when they feel that their territory has been invaded or simply to express their dominance..

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