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Balinese cat
Recognized by the CFA, FIFe, TICA, ACF, ACFA/CAA, CCA-AFC, GCCF

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The Balinese cat can boast of having among his close relatives the famous Siamese cat.
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Characteristics "Balinese cat"

Coexistence is important that you have with your new friend. Before considering the acquisition of a cat of the breed "Balinese cat" you know certain factors. You must take into account their character, their need for exercise, their interaction with other pets, their care and if you have small children, their level of tolerance towards them.


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Activity level

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Friendliness to other pets

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Friendliness to children

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Grooming requirements

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Need for attention

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Affection towards its owners

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The origins of the breed as such are in the United States and go back to the years 50, but the first references to this type of cat are much older. In fact, a Chinese tapestry from several centuries ago already depicted long-haired cats with features Siamese. More recently, in 1871, Penny Illustrated magazine mentioned a long-hair Siamese, and in 1928 the American Federation of Cat Fans (CFF) accepted the registration of a long-hair Siamese.

In the Decade of 1950, Marion Dorsey and Helen Smith, of the creators of Siamese Americans based in California and New York respectively, they became interested in these long-haired kittens and decided to start a dedicated breeding program. The program was successful and resulted in Balinese cat what do we know today.

Despite what its name may suggest, the Balinese cat It, in effect, an american cat breed. The name was chosen by Helen Smith to highlight its grace and elegance, similar to that of the ballerinas on the island of Bali

Already in 1961, the Federation of Cat Fans (CFF) recognized this new breed, and the Cat Fan Association (CFA) did the same in 1970. In 1979, this same CFA set a new standard for a breed called Javanese, whose characteristics were those of Balinese cat, and that it simply allowed covering the coat colors not accepted by the latter's standard. In fact, the Balinese standard had been established by accepting the same colors as the Siamese cat, that is to say, seal, blue, chocolate and lilac.

That same year 1979, the International Cat Association (TICA) also recognized the Balinese cat, antes de ser seguida for the International Feline Federation (FIFé) in 1983 and, later, por el British Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) in 1986.

Today, but the Balinese cat is present and recognized throughout the world, still a relatively uncommon cat. in your country of origin, United States, the CFA statistics indicate that it is in the second half of the breed table based on the number of annual registrations. In France, each year less than 20 ejemplares en el Official Book of Feline Origins (LOOF). In Great Britain, GCCF figures even show a very steep decline, mainly due to the appearance of new races: Enrollments in the organization went from 150 to 200 per year at the beginning of the decade 2000 less than 50 at the end of the Decade of 2010.

Physical characteristics

Balinese cat
Old-Style Balinese Seal Point – Mary Desmond, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Muscular but slim, the Balinese cat seems very delicate and flexible in its movements.

With a weight between three and four kilos, the Balinese cats belong to the medium-sized breeds.

Males balinese they can weigh a little more and are around five kilos.

While the body, face and character are similar to those of the Siamese cat original, coat length differs considerably, which is particularly evident in the bushy tail of the balinese. But, from the start of breeding, the balinese has changed a bit and, with its elongated body and its triangular face, has been adapted to the modern variant of the Siamese cat.

If you want to buy Balinese cats, nowadays you will only find a few breeders that breed this breed in its original breeding way. In most breeders, cat lovers can buy the modern shape of the Balinese cat, whose body is narrower and its head is more wedge-shaped. A distinctive feature of Balinese cat it's her bright blue eyes, that seem especially alive and vibrant.

The only coat pattern allowed is colourpoint: the body is one color, but the tips are a darker and different color. Although the only colors allowed in the original CFA standard, written in 1970, are accepted for the Siamese, that is to say, the seal, the blue, the chocolate and lilac, the vast majority of current standards also allow the cream, The candy, red, apricot and other non-traditional colors.

blue eyes, of a unique beauty, are present regardless of coat color and are characteristic of the appearance of the balinese.

Last, sexual dimorphism is moderately marked, the male being slightly larger than the female.

Varieties of "Balinese cat"

Balinese cat
Ghislaine of Chrysanthe, balinese cat, female, chocolate tortie point – Photographer:Anna Utekhina, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The case of a Balinese cat with colors other than the seal, the blue, chocolate and lilac divide cat lovers from all over the world, as well as various organizations. While the International Cat Association (TICA) and the British Feline Fantasy Governing Council (GCCF) consider that these cats are indeed balinese, the American Cat Fan Association (CFA) consider from 1979 that all the “balinese” of different colors constitute a different race: that of Javanese cat.

Despite the official merger in 2008 of the two breeds under the standard balinese of the CFA, the term Javanese still commonly used in the US. to define the balinese different colors from the original standard.

This term was chosen in reference to the island of Java, neighbor of the island of Bali, in Indonesia: is a nod to the fact that the Javanese its near to balinese.

Character and skills

Balinese cat
20-week old Balinese kitten – Flickr

The balinese he is a very cuddly cat, who is lovingly attached to his family and does not leave their eyes. They demand a lot of attention, they follow their owner everywhere and constantly seek to play with him or be petted by him. It is sociable, accepts other pets without difficulty and enjoys the company of children, provided they have been taught to behave with animals.

His constant need for attention makes him not tolerate loneliness well, and you can quickly adopt destructive behavior if you feel that your family does not give you the attention you deserve. So, not suitable for a teacher who is absent often.

It is reputed to be sensitive to human emotions, and knows how to comfort a sad man or, on the other hand, share your moments of joy. They also know how to interpret voice intonations, so reprimands can hurt your sensitive nature, while encouragement reinforces the bond they have with their family.

Activos, agile and curious, to the balinese they love to explore the corners of the house. These may include, you can crawl out from under your bed with a toy you lost weeks ago or find that old photo that fell behind your living room closet years ago. But, one of his favorite activities is to climb on the shoulders of one of the family members.

He is also very smart and playful, making you an excellent candidate for teaching your cat tricks. It is very possible that he will learn something by himself, and then come proudly show your family what you can do.

Despite his high energy level, It is a breed of cat that lives very well in an apartment -if the apartment is not tiny- and does not need outer space.

Last, one of the main characteristics of the Balinese cat is your propensity to be vocal. They seem to have an opinion on everything, and they do not stop making it known, commenting from his food to what is on television or the cover of the book his master wants to read in a low voice. Although he has no problem giving long monologues, you expect to be listened to and risk starting over if you think your family has not paid attention to what you are saying. Both in terms of activity level and volume, they are definitely not one of the calmest cat breeds.

Care "Balinese cat"

Balinese cat
Seal Point Balinese kitten at 13 weeks of age – Flickr

The Balinese cat it is an easy-care breed of cat, since its long and silky coat does not tend to knot and sheds very little. So, a simple brushing once a week is enough.

This brushing session is an opportunity to check that your teeth and eyes are clean., and to pay special attention to their ears, which often need to be cleaned with a damp cloth. It also, make sure its claws are not too long, and trim them if necessary.

Indoor or outdoor cat?

The Balinese cat not necessarily a cat that should be kept outside, since these graceful animals are sensitive to cold. But, as the balinese it is one of the most active cat breeds, your house should be as big as possible and, above all, be equipped with many climbing possibilities. The ideal is to have a well-protected balcony or garden, that can also be used for running. To the balinese cats they also like to get inspired by climbing trees outdoors, and a small pool of water and other play opportunities are always welcome for this breed of cat.

How much activity does he need? "Balinese cat"?

If you decide to have a balinese, it does not matter if it is a puppy or an adult, you should take your time with him. Intelligent breed cats are very affectionate and like to be the center of attention, so they will gladly dispense with the company of other cats, but not from human attention.

So, the Balinese cat he needs a lot of pampering and you also have to take time to keep him busy. The balinese is very receptive to training and learns very quickly, which is why search games are so easy for him balinese how to learn new tricks or intelligence games. However, in regards to scratching opportunities, climb and play, you should also make sure your cat has quiet places to retreat to, since animals tend to prefer places where they have their favorite humans in sight.

Health and nutrition

The balinese is an exceptionally long-lived breed of cats, since many reach or exceed the 20 years of age.

Despite this overall robustness, are at increased risk for certain diseases:

  • The progressive retinal atrophy (ARP), a retinal disease that causes blindness in cats;
  • The amyloidosis, a disease that causes kidney failure and is often fatal;
  • Achalasia or megaesophagus, a gastrointestinal disorder that can cause food blockages;
  • Squint, a vision disorder without serious consequences for the animal;
  • Acromelanismo, a genetic disease that causes changes in coat color based on skin temperature.
  • Last, obesity is a major risk to the health of the balinese, but can easily be avoided with a vigilant and responsible owner.

    Life expectancy

    15 to 20 years


    When it comes to feeding, should focus on a protein-rich diet. So, a high-quality cat food with a high meat and protein content is essential. Especially since balinese cats they are very active and need a lot of energy, a good diet is essential. As an alternative, can feed your balinese on a soft diet, but you should thoroughly familiarize yourself with the subject and also seek advice from a veterinarian, because only with the right composition can the needs of the cat be met in a specific way.

    For sale "Balinese cat"

    If you want to get a "Balinese cat", you should know that they are very affectionate and that these intelligent purebred cats want to keep busy. Do not underestimate the necessary care of the coat.. If you are thinking of buying a Balinese cat, should only be done by a reputable and responsible breeder.

    Responsible breeders ensure that the Balinese cats are raised in a family and are well socialized. It also, if you want to buy a cat of this breed, you should know that good breeders do not place their balinese in new homes before the end of the imprinting period.

    If you want to buy a Balinese cat, do not respond to ads from amateur breeders offering purebred cats for sale without papers. The balinese kittens should only be purchased from an experienced breeder who is a member of a breeding club. Since experienced breeders only sell cats that have been vet checked and are healthy, should expect to pay between 900 and 1100 euros for a balinese kitten.

    If you want to give a new home to a Balinese cat adult, with a bit of luck you can also find it in shelters and animal protection organizations. Also in this case you will have to pay a nominal fee.

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    Alternative names:

  • Long-haired Siamese
  • Thai Siamese
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