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The ragdoll is possibly more strange and controversial of all the races history.

In the Decade of 1960, the American breeder Ann Baker began to breed cats from Josephine, a white long-haired and probably without pedigree cat, and his son of Burmese type, Daddy Warbucks. Highlights of this new race was Baker claimed that, After be injured in a traffic accident, Josephine was some extraordinarily quiet puppies that were left to fall like rag dolls when he would take them.

He recorded the ragdoll as a brand name and 1971 created a society of breeders, the International Ragdoll Cat Association (IRCA). Then he stated: If your puppy is not registered in the IRCA», «is not a true ragdoll». However, the Gauls of Baker did not have wide acceptance. Were other breeders who used its guidelines which eventually gained recognition with the ragdoll. This appreciation was achieved in Great Britain in 1999, and in the 2000 obtained recognition of the CFA. The ragamuílin (p. 166), only recognized in North America, is related to the ragdoll.

The ragdoll has become one of the most popular breeds in Great Britain and North America. It is a large and surprisingly heavy cat, long body with round face. Its coat is of medium length, thick, silky and loose, and has a dotted pattern, with mittens and bicolor, something similar to the pattern with mittens, but with more white.

The Ragdoll is really an incredible race which offers everything what you could want in a cat, and much more in a single package. They have a semblance of dazzling beauty and an exceptional confidence, loyal and loving. Sweet, docile. It is a very nice cat, very adaptable to the majority of situations and a very special breed that will captivate you and him steal your heart. As the translation of its name suggests, they are very similar to a doll of cloth to the respect that when we raise or maintain, they have the capacity to become very soft and flexible. Around the House are very relaxed and they can be found often acurrucados instead favorite belly up.

They love to be in her arms like a baby and they love they rub them the Chin and belly. So affectionate and loving is the breed that can be said that we really appreciate the time spent with them. To the Ragdoll love to show your affection.

It is strictly an indoor cat. The Ragdolls absolutely thrive with human company and devoted entirely to its owner. They are often waiting at the door to his owner comes home. It remains almost always in the same room of his master, If not in his lap, is under the feet. They are very curious and mischievous, Although gentle and docile. Due to their nature, they depend on the safety and security of its owner. Rarely a Ragdoll use their claws – It is simply not in their nature be aggressive.

Completely happy and satisfied with the presence of its owner, a Ragdoll will always be with you.

Very often refers to this race as a race with dog characteristics, probably because he likes to always be one step behind his master or against you, and because it seems to always have the incessant need to make you happy. Completely entrenable, they love to go to find the ball and take things from the House in the mouth. They will learn to come when call it and are totally entertained, You will find fun with the simplest of objects in the home.

With regard to health, they are very resistant and rarely require medical attention. However, the race is a fairly new breed and, as they do not have a very large or diverse genetic background, good breeding practices are absolutely crucial.

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