Munchkin (Smooth-haired)

It is known that short-legged cats appeared several times in the century xrx, but always disappeared without a trace. The same could have happened in the Decade of 1980 in Louisiana, but this time the mutation received help from Sandra Hochenedel, He adopted a street black cat with short legs and used their cubs as a basis for this race. The long bones of their legs are atrophying dominant gene. To the munchkin nicknamed them 'open-zaalfombras'.

It is possible that the flexibility of the feline column avoided problems faced by the short-legged dogs, and breeders argue that these cats are healthy and happy. However, the munchkin are not widely accepted, they have been banned by many European records, and there where they have been accepted, they have had to go through rigorous research about their health.

In addition to its legs extremely short, the munchkin looks balanced. It has the head rounded wedge, big eyes, macaroons and something inclined and a large body, but not fat. There is also a variety of long hair.

Their masters say that they are energetic and curious, and a Munchkin in movement resembles a sports car, but his small stature is a risk that live abroad.

Visual guide to cats, Dr. Bruce Fogle

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