Sacred cat of Burma

Birmano de pies blancos

The Burma is sacred or “sacred cat of Burma”, as it is known in its country of origin, It is a very special cat which is difficult to not fall in love.

The history of the sacred of Burma has one hundred completely white cats lived in the Burmese Temple of Lao-Tsun, but one night they stormed the temple and attacked and killed the oldest priest. His all-white cat, called Sinh, He jumped over the body of their master and the soul of the priest entered the cat. When you enter, white hair became gold (similar to the color of the goddess of the temple), their legs, face, ears and tail took the color of the Earth and its paws remained white as a symbol of purity. After learning this as romantic story, who would not want to have a cat like this??

[stextbox id=”info” float=”right” width =”345″]These soft voice cats are much more active than Persians, but less active and talkative than the Siamese, which makes an ideal breed for children or for anyone who likes an exotic animal in interior.

This cat is moved with great aplomb with their pale coat, face, ears, tail and dark, with white gloves feet legs. Frequent care are fundamental, her wonderful hair is silky to double-glazing and rarely loses shine, so it is relatively easy to maintain in good condition.

The sacred of Burma tend to live up to the 13 years, But if they are well cared for and fed can come to the 15 years.

It is a breed of size medium or large; the female can weigh up 4,5 kg and the male a maximum of 8 kg.

If this cat coexists with other animals since it is a breeding, There should not be too much friction. If it is a home to adult and is granted some time (several weeks) so that gets used in other animals, usually adapt well.

This breed is suitable for people with very different life styles and is happy in most environments. However, avoid heat or extreme cold regions. We also recommend a safe home to protect it.

Alternative names: Sacred Birman / Sacred Cat Of Burma

Breeds of cats: Sacred cat of Burma


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