Gato Snowshoe

Many of the first Siamese twins they have white fingers, or other markings, He eradicated over time. In the Decade of 1960, the breeder Dorothy Hinds-Daugherty cruzé) a Siamese with a American short hair to create a new race that had the 'wrong' white finger. The snowshoe has been accepted by the majority of the main records, Despite the opposition of Siamese breeders, He had worked hard to eradicate this trait of his race.

The snowshoe is used to describe as a Burmese short-haired, but that title is now claimed by the temple cat, and was never very appropriate. The snowshoe is lighter in complexion than the Burmese, more wedge-shaped head, and especially allow white body with a V invested in the face.

The snowshoe feels happy to be the only cat in the House, It is a sociable and Extrovert character and is talkative, with a pleasant and gentle voice.

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