Cat Neva Masquerade


Neva Masquerade is the traditional Colorpoint cat of the forests of Siberia . Neva Masquerade originated along the Neva River in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg). When were the other cats breeds imported to the area of Siberia, the place street cat, He mixed with other races such as Bali, Siamese, Persians, Himalaya, etc, the descendant States that it arose naturally.

The traditional ideal of Neva Masquerade is a medium-sized cat, robust, strong and long-haired. It is believed that they are a mixed race, the Siberian-based, the Persian and the Siamese blood lines. Mature cats are corpulent with a general appearance of strength and a pose of alert. Powerful hind legs that are slightly longer than the front. They have a natural expression of sweetness. Its pelage is dense because of the climate and varies in length and density of the layer according to the different seasons. The traditional Neva Masquerade originally withstood the rigours of the climate, the cold of their native Russia. Since then it has been adapted easily to different environments.

Ssu eye color is intense blue. The ears are slightly inclined forward, a little convex. The tip of the ears should be rounded and usually with tufts of hair longer at the tips.

The Neva doesn't need too much toilet, a good hair once a week will keep your skin smooth and free of entanglements. They are very healthy cats, quiet, proud and very intelligent. They have a special affinity with children.

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