White-cheeked turaco
Turaco leucotis

Tauraco leucotis
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This striking bird is native to Africa (area of Ethiopia) and reaches a size of 42 - 43 cm..

It has bright green feathers, with a dark crest on the head, may stands at will, the Underwing coverts are blue like the tail, While the primaries are intense red, and in general only be appreciated with the bird in flight. The beak is orange-red, like the ring around the eyes. Ahead of the eye look “white cheeks” and two oblique also white marks on the neck.

It has other several anatomical features of interest. First of all, they have strong feet and you can turn your fourth finger of the foot forward or backwards to get a better grip on its perch. In second place, the chickens of this species have claws on their wings, a strange and evocative anatomical feature for a bird that almost seems to remember his old cousin, the Archaeopteryx. The chicks emerging from these claws at the time of leaving the nest.

Most of these birds have green plumage and is the result of a combination of structural coloration and pigment. They are unique and that only the Turacos, among all the birds, they produce a Green pigment, turacoverdin, It is the color of their feathers.

Character and skills

This African bird beautiful and full of energy is a very popular in the United States and United Kingdom, they can even be hand fed by what you become very mansas pets.

Another curiosity, and one of the things by which this bird strikes is by singing, which, It resembles the squeal of a wild monkey.

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