European greenfinch
Chloris chloris


The plumage of the European greenfinch It is a striking green, more intense in the breeding season, with the sides of the tail and the obispillo, yellow..

It is a bird which fits easily in captivity.

His Twitter is very articulated and intercalates some typical call notes, It is punctuated by a sustained nose whistle, It seems as if were produced by a forced inspiration. It also mimics the songs of other birds.

This species is found mostly in areas open to the presence of trees, as for example clear forest, huertas, cereal crops, Gardens, … It can be seen frequently in areas with human presence.
This species is present from sea level up to the 1. 900metros, Although the most commonly found among 0-800 m.

They are gradually increasing populations of this species due to the adjustment to urbanized areas.

It is one of the 10 species with greater distribution in Spain.

In captivity a couple needs at least one cage of a meter in length or greater. It is not good to stay in a smaller space because aggression problems may occur between them.

Food almost entirely seeds, wild fruits and berries.



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