1Blue cheeked Parrot

Amazona dufresniana


34 to 37 cm.. height and between 480 and 600g. weight.

The Blue cheeked Parrot (Amazona dufresniana) It is easily identifiable by the orange yellow wing patch, much more noticeable in flight.

Head with orangeade narrow stripe on the forehead; Yellow Crown, cheeks, base of the beak, … Read the rest

2Blue fronted Parrot

Amazona aestiva


33-39 cm.. height and weight around the 450 and 550 g..

The Blue fronted Parrot (Amazona aestiva) is distinguished by yellow head, with blue-green forehead and cheek, Dark nostrils, Red shoulders outlined with yellow, wing with red patch and dark blue ends. The rest of the … Read the rest

3Black-billed Parrot

Black-billed Parrot


25 cm.. length and 178 g. of weight.

The Black-billed Parrot (Amazona agilis) It is the smallest of the Amazon parrots, and it is one of only two species Amazon endemics Jamaica.

This species, brightly colored, has a plumage, in its most, of … Read the rest

4Blue-crowned Conure

Blue-crowned Conure


33-38 cm.. length and a weight between 170 and 176 g..

The Blue-crowned Conure (Psittacara acuticaudatus) It is one of the largest of the genus birds Aratinga. Elongated body, and long tail gradada, equal to all the Aratinga.

You have the front of … Read the rest

5Brown-throated Parakeet

Brown-throated Parakeet


Of 17 to 20 cm. length between 76 and 102 g. of weight.

The Brown-throated Parakeet (Eupsittula pertinax) is a polytypic species. Its fourteen subspecies are distinguished by the mix yellow and Brown on his face and throat.

In the case of the … Read the rest

6Baudin’s Black Cockatoo

Calyptorhynchus Baudinii


50 to 57 cm.. height and weight between 560 and 770 g.

The Baudin’s Black Cockatoo (Zanda baudinii) is almost entirely of black, with whitish margins in the feathers, patches rounded on them ear-coverts (yellowish white in the female and … Read the rest

7Blue eyed Cockatoo

Cacatua ophthalmica


50 cm. length and a weight between 500 and 580 gr.

The plumage of the Blue eyed Cockatoo (Cacatua ophthalmica) is mostly white. Its crest is yellow, large and well rounded back, leaning to the neck.

The feathers that cover the ear, the base of the neck … Read the rest

8Andean parakeet

Andean parakeet

16 cm.. height.

The Andean parakeet (Bolborhynchus orbygnesius) is usually dark green, with blue wing patch (visible in flight), clear peak, tail broad at the base and finished at tip of yellowish color with bluish tinge in the interior.

Usually lives … Read the rest

9Barred Parakeet

Barred Parakeet


They measure 17 cm. long and weigh between 47 and 55 g.

The Barred Parakeet (Bolborhynchus lineola) has a size similar to the of a Sparrow. The tail and wings they are pointed. Slightly different sexes: in males, the eyes they are brown, the eye ring grey, the bill … Read the rest

10Alexandrine Parakeet

Alexandrine Parakeet


De entre 50–62 cm. in length and weighing between 198-258 grams.

The Alexandrine Parakeet (Psittacula eupatria) has the forecrown, lores and crown bright green, merging to lavender-blue on cheeks, ear-coverts and back of the crown; thin line … Read the rest

11Austral Parakeet

Austral Parakeet


28–36 cm. length.

The Austral Parakeet (Enicognathus ferrugineus), It is mostly green; the lores and forecrown rather dull brick-red; the front of the crown with yellow and green feathers in the center, and edges dark green olive … Read the rest

12Black-capped Parakeet

Morains Pyrrhura


25 cm. length and 70 g. weight.

The Black-capped Parakeet (Pyrrhura rupicola) has the lores, the forecrown and the Crown, blackish brown; cheeks, ear-coverts and supercilii area, of color olive beige; back of the neck brown with narrow pale edges.

Upperparts color … Read the rest

13Blossom-headed Parakeet

Blossom-headed Parakeet


Of 30 to 36 cm.. length between 85 and 90 g. of weight.

The Blossom-headed Parakeet (Psittacula roseata) has the forecrown, lores, cheeks and ear-coverts mauve-pink, fading to pale blue in the lower cheeks, the sides of … Read the rest

14Blaze-winged Parakeet

Blaze-winged Parakeet


It measures 25 to 28 cm. and 70 weight GR.

The Blaze-winged Parakeet (Pyrrhura devillei) has the forecrown with thin red line; crown and neck Brown; collar grey; cheeks green; bend of wing red

In flight notorious is the armpit red line … Read the rest

15Black-headed Parrot

Black-headed Parrot


The Black-headed Parrot (Pionites melanocephalus) measures of 21 to 23 cm.. height.

Unmistakable by crown black, chest and belly white, latter with yellow sides (very visible on the fly). Breast bright yellow, nape orange acanelada, back and rump green. Tip pens … Read the rest

16Brown-breasted Parakeet

Parrot pechiparda


22-23 cm.. height.

The Brown-breasted Parakeet (Pyrrhura calliptera) is easily recognized by the Wing mirror yellow in flight. In general it is green, with a red spot on the ear; chest brown reddish and sides of the neck Brown dark characteristic.

Shoulder mostly yellow up to half of the … Read the rest

17Blue-throated Parakeet

Blue-throated Parakeet


30 cm.. length and 90 g. of weight.

The Blue-throated Parakeet (Pyrrhura cruentata) It is a very colorful bird; has the forecrown, crown and rear of the neck, dark brown with pale orange sides and with some feathers (especially in the part … Read the rest

18Blue-winged Parrotlet

Aliazul budgerigar


12 to 13 cm.. height.

The Blue-winged Parrotlet (Forpus xanthopterygius) has the forecrown, the crown, back of the neck and ear-coverts, green; cheeks, eye area and lores, emerald green. Upperparts and wings, green, except the part inferior of the back, … Read the rest

19Amazonian Parrotlet

Amazonian Parrotlet

Very small size, 12 cm.. height.

The Amazonian Parrotlet (Nannopsittaca dachilleae) has pointed wings, something square tail. Distinguishable from this species is the forehead and Crown with blue dye, feet and pink Bill, area naked clear around the eye. Usually green body … Read the rest

20Blue-fronted Parrotlet

Blue-fronted Parrotlet


The height of the Blue-fronted Parrotlet (Touit dilectissimus) varies between the 15 and 18 cm.. Is distinguished by the red line that goes from the bill towards the back of the eye and below the eye ring white, and blue along the red line from the forecrown until … Read the rest

21Brown-backed Parrotlet

Brown-backed Parrotlet


15 cm.. length.

The Brown-backed Parrotlet (Touit melanonotus) has the forecrown, the lower cheeks, the sides of neck, the crown and the rear of the neck, grass-green; lores and upper cheeks paler and more yellowish green; ear-coverts brown. Mantle, back and center … Read the rest

22Blue-and-yellow Macaw

Blue-and-yellow Macaw


Of 86 cm.. length and a weight between 995 and 1380 g..

The Blue-and-yellow Macaw (Ara ararauna) has the forecrown and both sides of the head to behind eyes bright green, faded to bright ultramarine blue in the crown … Read the rest

23Blue-throated Macaw

Blue-throated Macaw


Of 85 cm.. length and a weight between 600 and 1000 g..

The Blue-throated Macaw (Ara glaucogularis) they have a very vivid coloration. Very similar to the more common Blue-and-yellow Macaw (Ara ararauna), easily differentiated by wide turquoise blue stain that comes up to the … Read the rest

24Blue-headed Macaw

Blue-headed Macaw


Of 41 cm.. length and a weight which varies between 207 and 294 g..

The rare and beautiful Blue-headed Macaw (Primolius couloni), with its striking and vivid plumage Green and blue, Unfortunately, now hardly seen in nature.

As its common name suggests, … Read the rest

25Blue-winged Macaw

Blue-winged Macaw

Maracanã Macaw description:

Of 43 cm.. of length and a weight of 265 g..

The Blue-winged Macaw (Primolius maracana) It is increasingly rare and exotic.

This small Macaw has the forecrown marked with a narrow band of black color that fades into blue in the area of … Read the rest

26Black-winged Lovebird

Black-winged Lovebird


Of 16 cm in length and a weight between 49 and 66 g..

The Black-winged Lovebird (Agapornis taranta) has the forecrown, lores and feathers eye ring, red; rest of the head and nape green dyed brown. Mantle and scapulars green, rump … Read the rest

27Black-collared Lovebird

Black-collared Lovebird


13 cm. length and weight of 39 to 41 g.

The Black-collared Lovebird (Agapornis swindernianus) has the forecrown, the lores and crown emerald green. Narrow black band at the nape, behind yellow lined. Mantle and scapulars green; rump and uppertail-coverts of … Read the rest

28Black-cheeked Lovebird

Black-cheeked Lovebird


Between 13-14 cm long and 40 g. of weight.

The Black-cheeked Lovebird (Agapornis nigrigenis) they have the forecrown, lores and ear-coverts blackish brown with dark brown discoloration on the crown, sides neck and nape, and forming a dark mask.

Mantle, scapulars, rump and coverts … Read the rest

29Black-winged Lory

Eos cyanogenia


30 cm.. height and an approximate weight of 120 gr.

The Black-winged Lory (Eos cyanogenia) has a plumage predominantly red.

Adults have a blue patch surrounding the eyes, cover the tops of the ear and reaches the back of the neck.

Feathers covering the shoulder blade (scapular), the … Read the rest

30Blue-fronted Lorikeet

Blue-fronted Lorikeet


16 cm.. length.

The forecrown of the Blue-fronted Lorikeet (Charmosyna toxopei) is bright green, the front of the crown, above the eyes is bright blue; rest of the head green. Upperparts green, bright in the rump. Wings green feathers … Read the rest

31Blue streaked Lory

Eos reticulata


Approximately 30 cm.. length and a weight between 140 and 170 gr.

Like all species of the genus Eos, the Blue streaked Lory (Eos reticulata), shows a beautiful plumage mainly red. In adults, a great band blue-violet crosses the region of the eye … Read the rest

32Blue-crowned Lorikeet

Blue-crowned Lorikeet


19 cm.. of length and a weight of 40 to 55 g..

The Blue-crowned Lorikeet (Vini australis) has a plumage in their great majority color green. The upper part of the head is dark blue with light blue streaks. The region of windows … Read the rest

33Blue-eared Lory

Eos semilarvata


Is the more small of the gender Eos, with only 24 cm.. length and an approximate weight of 170 gr.

The plumage of the Blue-eared Lory x(Psittacus erithacus) is bright red.

The upperparts of the cheeks and ear-coverts forming a blue band … Read the rest

34Blue Lorikeet



The Blue Lorikeet (Vini peruviana) has an approximate length of 18 cm.. and a weight ranging between 31 and 34 g..

Dark blue bright in the crown with paler veins; The feathers of the back of the crown, elongated as in other members of the genus; Lords … Read the rest

35Black Lory

Chalcopsitta atra


32 cm.. height and a weight between 230 and 260 gr.

The Black Lory (Chalcopsitta atra) It is the least colorful member of an otherwise very colorful genre. It´s, in poultry, therefore, the least popular. This is regrettable because it is equally as interesting as the … Read the rest

36Brown Lory

Chalcopsitta duivenbodei


31 cm.. length and a weight between 200 and 230 gr.

The bottom of the wings of the Brown Lory (Chalcopsitta duivenbodei) are bright yellow narcissus.

Two other features of their plumage that calls powerfully the attention are, seen head-on , the yellow that completely surrounds the … Read the rest

37Black-capped Lory

Black-capped Lory


The Black-capped Lory (Lorius lory) has an approximate length of 31 cm.. and a weight between 200 and 260 g..

Black hood extends above the peak to the nape of the neck, where a few blue spots appear; rest of the head is red … Read the rest

38Blue-crowned Hanging Parrot

Hanging Coroniazul


Of 13 cm.. length and 28 g. of weight.

The head of the Blue-crowned Hanging Parrot (Loriculus galgulus) is bright green with a patch dark blue in the center of the back of the crown. Upperparts Greens with patch orange-brown … Read the rest

39Black-billed Hanging Parrot (2)



14 cm.. length.

The Black-billed Hanging Parrot (2) is a subspecies of the Colasisi (Loriculus philippensis) being the only member of the genus, in the Sulu archipelago. The combination of the Red Crown on front, megring to golden orange … Read the rest

40Blue-collared Parrot

Blue-collared Parrot


23-25 cm.. length and around 161 g. of weight.

The Blue-collared Parrot (Geoffroyus simplex), they have the head green, more pale and more yellowish in the chin and lower cheeks, with a collar weak but clearly identified blue across the top of the … Read the rest

41Black-winged Parrot

Parrot Alinegro

24 cm. height.

The Black-winged Parrot (Hapalopsittaca melanotis) is distinguishable by the head almost all greyish blue, with blue-billed, ochre around the eye and back of the same black spot defined. Wings with large black patch and blue purple ends; the tip of the … Read the rest

42Brown-headed Parrot

Brown-headed Parrot


Of 22 cm.. length and a weight between 120 and 156 g..

The Brown-headed Parrot (Poicephalus cryptoxanthus) has the head, including the nape, the chin and throat brown; ear-coverts paler. Mantle brown, but more to the tail; scapulars Brown with … Read the rest

43Bald Parrot

Bald Parrot


23 cm.. length.

The Bald Parrot (Pyrilia aurantiocephala) has the mandible and the upper maxilla, black with a large orange dot in the base; head naked orange chrome; lores, forecrown, pileum, nape, face and chin no true feathers; coverts Only black bristles and … Read the rest

44Blue-rumped Parrot

Blue-rumped Parrot


Of 18 cm.. of length and a weight of 85 g..

The Blue-rumped Parrot (Psittinus cyanurus) is a small Parrot, robust and with a tail very short.

Since the crown up to the nape is a bluish grey, brilliant in the part … Read the rest

45Brown-hooded Parrot

Brown-hooded Parrot


21 cm.. height and weight around 165 g.

It more distinguishable from the Brown-hooded Parrot (Pyrilia haematotis) is your head, with forecrown White and the eye ring naked white also; ear with red feathers or oranges, crown grayish coffee, chest and nape Green yellowish.

The rest of the bodyRead the rest

46Blue-crowned Racquet-tail

Prioniturus Discurus Whiteheadi


27 cm. long, 24 without snowshoes, and a weight between 140 and 160 g.

The head of the Blue-crowned Racquet-tail (Prioniturus discurus) bright green is strongly imbued with bright blue in the crown and brighter green in checks and lores.

Upperparts of … Read the rest

47Buru Racket-tail

Buru Racket-tail


32 cm.. length.

The head of the Buru Racket-tail (Prioniturus mada) is bright green, marked in blue-gray dark in the crown and in the nape. The upperparts are green, marked in grisaceo-azul dark in the upper mantle; Uppertail green. … Read the rest

48Blue-winged Racquet-tail

Blue-winged Racquet-tail


27 cm. long, not to mention their racquets, measuring of 5 to 6 cm..

The Blue-winged Racquet-tail (Prioniturus verticalis) It has a bright green head, brighter around the lores and the base of the beak; front crown … Read the rest

49Blue-headed Racquet-tail

Blue-headed Racquet-tail


27 to 28 centimeters length (23,5 not to mention their racquets).

The head of the Blue-headed Racquet-tail (Prioniturus platenae) is clear brilliant blue. Mantle and back of color green light; rump slightly brighter green. Wings green, flight feather with vane Blackish internal.

Underwing covertsRead the rest

50Brehm's Tiger-Parrot

Brehm's Tiger-Parrot


24 cm. length and a weight between 94 and 120 g..

The head of the Brehm's Tiger-Parrot (Psittacella brehmii) is marron-oliva. The neck It is colored with black and green bars. The front and sides of the neck They are surrounded by a stripe color … Read the rest

51Bronze winged Parrot

Pionus chalcopterus


28 to 30 cm.. tall and around 210 weight g.

The Bronze winged Parrot (Pionus chalcopterus) has the general Brown, darker in head, neck, chest and flanks, This plumage with blue-violet edge.

The throat whitish and pink; wings Bronze Green.

The flight is … Read the rest

52Burrowing Parakeet

Burrowing Parakeet


39-52 cm. length between 260 and 280 g. of weight.

The Burrowing Parakeet (Cyanoliseus patagonus) has the forecrown, crown, lores, cheeks and nape olive brown with slight yellowish tinge; sides of neck, the mantle and back Brown olive; rump and uppertail-coverts of … Read the rest

53Blue-headed Parrot

Pionus menstruus

Description parrot-headed:

28 to 30 cm.. height and between 234 and 295g. weight.

The Blue-headed Parrot (Pionus menstruus) is distinguishable by having the head, neck and chest blue; Red in the rump and in the Base ventral of the tail (very visible on the fly), … Read the rest

54Black-lored Parrot

Black-lored Parrot


40 to 42 cm. long.

The Black-lored Parrot (Tanygnathus gramineus) It has the head of green color with a black line that runs from the top of the peak to the eyes; steeped in turquoise blue Crown. The upper parts of green grass.

The medium-sized wing coverts, … Read the rest

55Brown-necked Parrot

Brown-necked Parrot


32 cm.. length and weight between 310-400 g..

The Brown-necked Parrot (Poicephalus fuscicollis) has a plumage variable; head and neck gray-brown / light pink, slightly festooned with orange / brown; band orange / red through crown on … Read the rest

56Blue-backed Parrot

Blue-backed Parrot


32 cm.. length between 173 and 334 g. of weight.

The Blue-backed Parrot (Tanygnathus sumatranus) has the head and the the mantle a light yellowish green (slightly more yellowish mantle). The low back, buttocks and uppertail-coverts strongly impregnated with color … Read the rest

57Black Parrot

Black Parrot


35 to 40 cm. length and a weight between 215 and 315 gr.

The plumage of the Black Parrot (Coracopsis nigra) It, usually, blackish brown (iridescent green Sheen during the breeding season) with inconspicuous grayish color marks in undertail- coverts and … Read the rest

58Blue-naped Parrot

Blue-naped Parrot


31 cm.. length between 148 and 231 g. of weight.

The Blue-naped Parrot (Tanygnathus lucionensis) has the head bright green with a clear bright blue diffusion through the back of the crown and nape.

Upperparts bright green … Read the rest

59Blue-bellied Parrot

Blue-bellied Parrot


28 cm.. length between 110-155 g. of weight.

The Blue-bellied Parrot (Triclaria malachitacea) has the head, neck and all the upperparts and wing-coverts, grass-green.

Flight feather grass-green with narrow blue tips to primaries, except the … Read the rest

60Buff-faced Pygmy-Parrot

Buff-faced Pygmy-Parrot


The Buff-faced Pygmy-Parrot (Micropsitta pusio) has a length 8,4-8,6 cm.. and 11,5 g. of weight, what it becomes in the Parrot more small of the world.

Has the forecrown, face and chin of color Brown mottled dark, eyebrows yellowish; centre of crown blue, fusionándose has … Read the rest

61Australian King-Parrot

Australian King-Parrot


39-43 cm.. length between 195 and 275 g. of weight.

The Australian King-Parrot (Alisterus scapularis) is very similar to the Moluccan King-Parrot but larger.

It has the head and bright Scarlet underparts, with the exception of the coverts black infracaudales, with … Read the rest




28 cm. length and a weight between 74 and 105 g..

The Bluebonnet (Northiella haematogaster) they have the forecrown, lores and face, blue-violet color. The rest of the head, the chest, the layer, the back and rump It has a beautiful ocher mixed with … Read the rest

63Antipodes Parakeet

Antipodes Parakeet


32 cm.. of length and a weight of 130 g..

The Antipodes Parakeet (Cyanoramphus unicolor) has a plumage brighter yellowish green, more yellowish on the hand down and sometimes with irregular yellow markings at the top. It is the only species … Read the rest

64Australian Ringneck

Australian Ringneck


Between 32 to 44 cm.. length and a weight between 121 and 200 g..

Two species in the genus were traditionally recognized Barnardius, Barnardius zonarius and Barnardius barnardi, but both hibridaban in the contact area and are currently considered a single species.

The Perico … Read the rest

65Black-fronted Parakeet †

Black-fronted Parakeet


Of 25 cm.. length

The Black-fronted Parakeet (Cyanoramphus zealandicus) They appeared to be very similar to other species Cyanoramphus; They were olive green; the forecrown It was black; the lores (the regions between the eyes and the peak on the sides of the head of a bird) … Read the rest

66Alexandra's Parrot

Alexandra's Parrot


45 cm. length, including its long, narrow tail, and around 92 g. of weight.

The head of the Alexandra's Parrot (Polytelis alexandrae) is light olive brown color, heavily washed in blue pastel in the Crown area, the nape of the neck, and slightly below … Read the rest


Common Budgie


18 cm. length and a weight between 22 and 32 g..

In the Budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatus) of adults, the cere Blue contrasts with the frontal zone; the front of the face and throat are pale yellow. The latter is covered by a line … Read the rest

68Blue-winged Parrot

Parakeet Crisostomo


20 to 21 cm. length and a weight between 44 and 61 g..

The Blue-winged Parrot (Neophema chrysostoma) has the crown olive green color with a yellow front wallwashing; Blue frontal band (clearer on the back edge), coming from the front … Read the rest

69Bourke's Parrot

Bourke's Parrot


19 cm. length and an approximate weight of 39 g..

The Bourke's Parrot (Neopsephotus bourkii) has frontal area white. The chin, lores and contour of the eyes they are also white and form a kind of orbital ring clear when seen from the … Read the rest

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Anatomy of the Psitacidae


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