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What is the best breed of dog for children??

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If you are looking for a good dog to complete your family, there are many things to consider. From different sizes and personalities to temperament and ease of training, Here are some of the best dog breeds for kids to choose from..

What Features are Important?

When looking for a good breed of dog for children, there are some important features you should take into consideration. These types of dogs generally have very sweet personalities., happy and social, which exaggerates their level of socialization with people. They are also usually smaller dogs that adapt well to the domestic lifestyle.. Some also possess relative ease for training., so they are easily trainable.

australian shepherds

The australian shepherds They are usually one of the best dog breeds for children due to their characteristics.

This breed has a very friendly character with a wide intelligent range and grounded instincts for physical activity.. They are used to having cheerful and playful personalities., they are loyal companions during childhood and will remain so for a long time.

They are also perfect to adapt to moderate training, what makes them great pets for kids.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers

The Labrador Retrievers They are also considered an excellent breed for children.. Since they have a lot in common with the australian shepherds, they have a lot of energy and are extremely loyal.

They are intelligent, sociable and compassionate with family, which makes them very suitable for families with small children.

The labs they also stand out for their weather resistance – heat and cold resistance – which means they will be happy to play with the kids no matter what the weather.

Golden Retrievers

If you want a friendly dog, loving, loving and protective of his children, the Golden Retriever should be on the list.

This popular breed is known for its sweet and intelligent disposition.. They are sensitive to human emotions., which means they will bond to the little ones very easily.

The Golden Retrievers they can be protective of their owners and love to spend time playing with the family. It also, they go well with other animals and are not too noisy.

Standard Schnauzer (or standard)

Schnauzers Medianos

The Standard Schnauzer It is a good option for families with children..

This strong and playful breed of dog gets along well with the little ones in the house.. They are very intelligent, happy and curious. The Schnauzers Medianos They are excellent companions for children as they enjoy being around them and playing their games.. They are intelligent, easy to train and also protect their family.

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