Labrador Retriever
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Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever It is the most popular breed in the world by number of registered copies.

The Labrador Retriever, also known as Collector of labrador or Perdiguero Labrador, It is a dog breed of British origin.

Although many websites located originated in Canada, because one of their direct ancestors was Canadian, another of his ancestors also believed that it was the Castro Laboreiro Dog (Portuguese). But as the breed spread throughout Great Britain, is considered the mother of the Labrador Retriever and thus reflected in records of the Federation Cynologique Internationale.

Originally named dog of San Juan (St John´s Dog) or Small Newfoundland (Lesser Newfoundland), Labrador Retriever arrived for the first time in England in 1820. The sailors and hunters crossed this dog lover of water with English collectors of the time. The English had no idea that future dog was going to be the race of hunting and most popular company in the world.

In the 19th century the island of Newfoundland fishermen used a type of dog that helped them in their work. With the time, some of these copies would travel to the United Kingdom. Those dogs of Newfoundland possessed two very different sizes, Some were known as Newfoundland and others, of lesser stature and exemplary fur, very important within the first decade of the 20th century was «»Flapper»; born in 1902, proved to be an extraordinary Stallion.

During the Decade of 1830, the 3rd Earl of Malmsbury (1807-1889) imported several Newfoundland dogs. It recognizes the merit of having been faithful to the type, in order to preserve the breed these qualities so dear in the Labrador Retriever. His determination was evident, According to a letter he wrote to the 6th Duke of Buccleuch.

The Labrador Retriever was recognized by the British Kennel Club in 1904. His popularity was rising both exhibitions and the hunting environments; in fact, a time for the race was when the dog «bramshaw Bob», owned by lady Lorna Howe, got the Crufts BIS of 1932 and 1933. This breeder would also get this esteemed award in 1937, This time with «»Ben Cheverella of Banchory».

The Labrador Club of England It was founded in 1916, time in which the majority of specimens were black, Although the yellows were beginning to be measured. The first issue of this colour was registered in 1899, born of two black parents.

Physical characteristics

Labrador Retriever reigns as the Hunter Mountain par excellence. His collectors instincts, firmly set during his Ascension to fame, inexhaustible energy and enthusiasm. Whether you are hunting in the field or chasing flying discs (frisbees) in the courtyard of the House, the labrador comes with pleasure and delight to any activity.

It is currently one of the breeds most known to the public at large, with a great demand in many countries and is used in very varied work, given its special ability to work. After the second vaccine is a breed suitable to walk freely.

The Labrador can easily suffer from overweight, due to his affinity for sweets and his good relationship with people.

The lack of activity is also a contributing factor. A healthy labrador should show a slight narrowing in the waist (between the rib cage and the hindquarters, known as “Hourglass”) and keep in shape and overweight. Excess weight is strongly implicated as a risk factor in the subsequent development of Dysplasia of hip or other problems in the joints and diabetes, and you can also contribute to reducing health in general when they are older.

The arthritis is common in the older farmers, especially those who are overweight. The weight of an adult labrador should range between the 35 and 45 kg.

Character and skills

The farmers worship people. The more time to spend with them, happier they will be. The farmers are collaborating dogs, It will be to reach things that are thrown by your House. They tend to be patient with the children, and wonderful pets. The Labrador is not a guard dog. They may bark to give notice, but they usually never act with greater aggression. It is a breed of dog more intelligent and sensitive.

A Labrador Retriever is easily bored if not is it stimulates properly. A Labrador without train can be unmanageable, due to their size and their enthusiasm. If not exercising will turn into a tornado destruction, or try to escape to relieve his boredom and excess energy.

They not only need food and water: They also need love and attention. The farmers are easy to train which is why the work of obedience will become a way to interact with it. Farmers need lots of exercise, something accentuated since the farmers love to eat. The ensure that they receive training, exercise and attention are the key to a happy dog, healthy, and balanced temperament.

The Labrador Retriever is one of the dogs more aid offers to persons, because they are not only pets, for many people is essential to their daily lives as assistance dog: Lazarillo de blind; It helps disabled both to pull a wheelchair to go to the bathroom, dressing and emergency with special phone calls; s people with hearing problems; they deal with them to children and adults with psychological problems or problems to relate; as dog police or firefighter for human tracking or drug.

His exceptional affability, courtesy, intelligence, energy and kindness, make that the farmers are generally regarded as good companions for people of all ages, as well as reliable workers dogs, commonly forming part of the Canine police brigades in anti-drug operations, antiexplosivos, Search and rescue, among others. With training, the labrador is one of the more dependent on dog breeds, obedient and talented that exist.

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Breeds of dog: Labrador Retriever

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