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Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever, It is a relatively modern and popular breed of dog, in United States and Europe. It is thought that you ran in the United Kingdom and more specifically in Scotland about the year 1850, but mixtures produced for this breed is not yet known. The characteristics of dog, You bet that, among his ancestors there may be some of Hound, Bloodhound and Water Spaniel, genes that have made it an excellent hunting companion for his tracking skills.

The culprit was, the Lord Tweedmouth (English and Scottish), an enthusiastic and avid Hunter waterfowl (among other things). His passion as hunter was matched, only, for his dedication to hunting dogs, He had had and raised Beagle, Pointer, Setter, Greyhound, Deerhound Scots and Irish Water Spaniel. Over the years 1850, He focused his attention to medium-sized dogs hunting bailiffs varieties (Retriever), they were the "water dog" of that time. These dogs were known that they were desirable combinations between Setter and Spaniel with other varieties of working dogs. Tweedmouth was a true avant-garde in its time and was inclined towards a line of yellow dog breeding. For many years, the world of the cinophilia hosted the myth that Tweedmouth had done with his first dog yellow from a group of Russian circus dogs. This fable was disavowed by the now deceased Elma Stonex, Somerset (England), renowned judge and breeder of the Golden Retriever Dorcas, a real authority in the world of the Golden Retriever who investigated and revealed the true history of the race.

Tweedmouth acquired its first yellow Retriever in Brighton, in 1865, called it Nous (Greek word for wisdom) and originated from a litter where the rest of the animals were Retriever completely black with wavy fur (Curly-Coated Retriever). Registered as a breed by the Earl of Chichester, Nous appears in photographs of 1870 as a large and beautiful dog with a very wavy fur and a yellow (no clear or dark), It seemed long to the current Golden Retriever.

There are some variations between the Golden Retriever British types that prevail in Europe and Australia, and the American type and these differences are reflected in the standards of the breed. This type has larger bones, is smaller, with a more square head and snout is usually somewhat lighter. The eyes of dogs in the line of America tend to be more separated than the British lines and it may seem like mowing and triangular.

A Golden Retriever of British breeding can have a layer of color gold or cream. Originally, the cream color was not an acceptable color in the standards of United Kingdom, However, in 1936 the rule was changed to include the color cream. It was felt that this exclusion was a mistake and that the original Retriever “yellow” in the 19th century was the colour lighter than the accepted standards. British standards are used in all countries except for United States and Canada.

An American Retriever tends to be more quiet and larger than a British.

Golden Retriever has a dense, waterproof fur, in different shades of bright gold, It can be smooth or slightly wavy. The fur is generally darker outside and clearer in the interior. Your pass must be free, soft, powerful and well coordinated.

The Golden Retriever lose hair throughout the year and especially during seasonal changes. It is recommended to brush their hair at least once a week (and more frequently during the moult) to remove all dead hair, making his fur is much more colorful and bright.
The adult males generally measure of 56 a 61 cm and weigh between 31 and 36 kg, females are smaller than, measuring of 51 a 56 cm and weigh between 27 and 31 kg. The tail in males varies between 45 and 50 cm., While in the female it oscillates between the 40 and 45 cm.. It is very important to take care of the food, because it often cost a lot to lose weight to these dogs.

It is a sociable dog, friendly and reliable, There is no aggression towards humans as well as towards other dogs. It is incapable of attack, they always respond with joy any friendly gesture, come from the family or strangers. But if it comes to perceive that his life or his family is endangered her it will defend tooth and nail if needed.

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These dogs are super perceptual and emotional, feel the sadness, the anger and above all the contempt.

Very companions and love to children.
They are very easy to train, Thanks to his intelligence and his quiet nature, they are very playful, and if the training becomes a game, It is very easy to train them.

They are very intelligent and companions, that is why they tend to be used as a guide, rescue dogs, detection dogs and even social therapy dogs (for being so emotional).

It is a race that tends to obesity, reason why need to be very responsible with food, and take out it to take long walks, It runs a little... In addition to obesity breed most often suffers from a thyroid problem so it is advisable to make a thyroid profile, This problem is sometimes the cause of the bad smell of the dog.

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Golden Retriever

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