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Posted by tiadoc | 17 July 2011

- Alemania FCI 182

Schnauzer Mediano

Starting at the Medium-Schnauzer the other two varieties were developed (Giant and Enano).

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The Medium-Schnauzer (standard) It is the original race of the three Schnauzer breeds, and despite his fur and aspect in general, This is not related to the English Terrier. This is one of the oldest breeds in Europe. This race is beautiful, robust, square build and medium-sized with a similar aristocratic, This was the favorite breed of Albrecht Dürer and Rembrandt.

In its country of origin is known as Mittelschnauzer (Medium-Schnauzer) to distinguish it from the giant form and the form miniature.

Regardless of the origin of the breed, It should be noted that the racial standard of the Schnauzer was set for the first time in the year 1880, and in the year 1885 the first breed club was established in Germany. He had to wait 40 more years, to be made in United States (1925).

Schnauzer named given to race for its first presentation in public in an exhibition contest. This contest (Hannover 1879) won it a dog presented as wire-haired Pinscher. The winner can be called Schnauzer (“whiskered”) and thereafter, all the wire-haired Pinscher have received the name of Schnauzer.

The classification of the Schnauzer has always brought about controversy, because that is what you don't want to classify as Terrier, likely as not being a race that cace as dog's burrow. The controversy is that dogs as the Manchester Terrier Yes they are classified as a Terrier and, as it is the case of the above-mentioned, the prototype of the dog buzzard without being trained for hunting dog's burrow.

Physical characteristics

The Standard Schnauzer has a rough coat, with colors ranging from the 'salt and pepper' to the solid black.

The hair on the face is extended to form a beard and eyebrows. The race is robust, and it should be "heavy" for his height with portions of the muscle and bone.

The ideal ranges of the weight and of the height vary, considerably, from a standard race which is as follows: The males range between 45 and 50 cm of high cross and usually weigh between 15.5 and 22.5 kg. The females measure between 42.5 and 47.5 High Cross and usually weigh between 13.5 and 20.2 kg).

In United States, most of the dogs have cropped ears and tail.

Traditionally, the ears they are cut and the tail also. However, in many European countries and Australia, the cutting of ears and tail are prohibited and dogs look their ears and tails natural.

Medium-Schnauzer: Standard FCI
Character and skills

It is a race to, similar to the Pinscher German, It was created for the extermination of vermin on farms, Although he didn't mention in other tasks, becoming a multi-purpose dog. They included the roles played by the Schnauzer, driving cattle.

It´s jealous, It loving and a good former. All varieties of Schnauzer have a character that is described as impetuous, strong but very balanced.

Love your family, they are safe and affable with children and rather distrustful with strangers.

Images of medium-Schnauzer

Photo: davolvoreta

  • Otros nombres: Mittelschnauzer / Schnauzer Estándar.
  • Group 2 / Section 1 – Tipo Pinscher y Schnauzer.

Dogs breeds: Medium-Schnauzer

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