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Pinscher Alemán

The Pinscher German is a dog, extremely, active and lively, alert and vigilant.

The Pinscher German (German pinscher “bite”) It is a breed of dog that belongs to the family of the Pinscher.

This race, whose origins date back to the 15th century and which is also related with the Schnauzer, It was originally a dog used by the farmers of Germany to control rodent pests. It is believed that he is descended from crosses between old German dogs and some black Terrier used to hunt rodents.

It is also the breed that arose the Dobermann and the so-called Pinscher miniature. In Germany, due to the fame that were acquiring the dog shows in the rest of Europe and America, a standard of the breed was established in the year 1879, year in which it was also recognized as a race.

Currently, the Pinscher is considered more like a dog of company and keeps a dog Hunter or controller of vermin. As a companion dog is ideal, its size enables live perfectly in a flat in city, Although, like any other dog, you need to do exercise.

In its role as a guard dog, of course, is not so impressive as his descendant the Dobermann, but their functions.

The use of the Pinscher as a watchdog is very satisfactory, It is a dog that defends well property without falling (insofar as it is well educated) in the territoriality to his master, staying true to this at all times.

Although it has always been considered that the Pinscher is a very attractive breed of dog, It has never exceeded the popularity of his descendants: the Pinscher the Dobermann and miniature. In fact, According to a study conducted by the Kennel Club, the Pinscher miniature is almost 8 some times larger than the Pinscher and the Doberman 138 times more popular than this.

Physical characteristics

The Pinscher is a dog of size medium, between 45 and 50 cm., proud bearing and strong muscles, with a weight around the 18 kg (14 to 20 kg).

It has a head thin and snout elongated, ears median, slightly bent at birth, they hang from the head of the dog and they are generally cut.

Neck of average length, wide and strong, trunk elegant and stylish. Regard to the tail, like the ears, also tends to be amputated.

The fur, It is short and rough, it comes in shades of red, brown or black, and fire in the belly and chest.

Their fur is short and smooth, does not require much care, just brushing regularly to remove dead hair.

Character and skills

Because of its vitality require quite some exercise outdoors, You can fix left him free in an open field so that it can run and romp.

Also, related to this last, It is a suitable dog to accompany people who practice physical exercise, such as running or cycling.

It is a dog, extremely, active and lively, alert and vigilant. It is often wary of strangers.

It would also be necessary, given his character slightly dominant, teach him to respect rules and who is charge at home.

We need to socialize from very small, because the dominant character leads him to not tolerate the presence of other dogs too. Then, If early it breeds with another dog will have at home a barking inseparable duo.

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  • Otros nombres: Pinscher Mediano / Pinscher Estándar / Pinscher de pelo áspero / German Pinscher / Deutscher Pinscher.
  • Group 1 / Section 1 – Tipo Pinscher y Schnauzer.

Dogs breeds: Pinscher German

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