Cat breeds that begin with T-U-V-X-Y-Z

History, physical characteristics, character and skills, images and videos of the cat breeds that begin with the letters T-U-V-X-Y-Z

Alphabetizing breeds of cats

1 "Turkish van"


This equivalent to the Burmese short hair cat created a New Zealand nurturer, June Mateer. His first crossing of a Burmese and a

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2 "Turkish van"


The Rex Tennessee is a natural mutation that spontaneously appeared in the Tennessee Valley in the summer of 2004.
Cats are

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3 "Turkish van"

Tiffanie, blue shaded

This race, the only member of the Group of Asian long-haired, Persian chinchilla goes back to the same mating of the cat's

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4 "Turkish van"


One of the most popular breeds in North America, the Tonquinés is a hybrid of the Siamese and the Read more

5 "Turkish van"


The toyger is a creation of Judy Sugden. At the end of the Decade of 1980 began to use their Read more

6 "Turkish van"


Van breed has lived in the vicinity of the city of Van (Turkey) for centuries. It is a breed that you

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7 "Turkish van"


The range is a range that appeared natural and isolation in the mountainous area of Lake Van, to the East of Turkey,

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