ragamuffin 2

The exact development of the RagaMuffin is a little uncertain. They were developed from cats Ragdoll in the Decade of … Read the rest



The ragdoll is possibly more strange and controversial of all the races history.

In the Decade of 1960, the American breeder Ann … Read the rest

3Ringtail americano


The American Ringtail is one of the most recent cat breeds existing without registering, at this time as race in … Read the rest

4Russian short hair


The Russian Blue was already accepted makes tiempc as a natural blue race, like e Chartreux or the … Read the rest

5Russian black


The black Russian was created in 1971, derived from the Russian Blue, and they were accepted as true Russian cats in Australia. These hybrid colors … Read the rest

6Russian white


Mavis L. Australia Jones began the breeding of White Russians in 1970, When acquired rose, a white domestic short hair, brought … Read the rest

7Burma is sacred

Burmese white feet

The Burma is sacred or “sacred cat of Burma”, as it is known in its country of origin, is a very special cat in the … Read the rest

8Saint Helen


DNA tests conducted by the University of Davis, California, They seem to have established that there are two types of cats of … Read the rest



This race, It started as a crossing of an African serval and a domestic cat, It was produced in the Decade of 1980 by … Read the rest

10Selkirk Rex


It comes from a mutation in a litter in Wyoming ((UNITED STATES)UU.) in 1987 He gave the cat an abundant coat with hair and … Read the rest



It is one of the most easily recognizable breeds of cat. Its pointed coat pattern originated as a mutation in Asia to the … Read the rest



See: Siberian Forest Cat

As other breeds of cats big and hairy, It is the result of the harsh climate of its … Read the rest



Over time there have been cats that respond to the general description of the singapura cat populations of free reproduction of Singapore. Are … Read the rest



Many of the first Siamese twins they have white fingers, or other markings, He eradicated over time. In the Decade … Read the rest



Otros nombres: African short hair.

The Sokoke cats is one of the few recognized breeds that are of natural origin. It is native, means that … Read the rest


Somali 1

A common belief about the Somali people is that they are direct descendants of the Egyptian sacred Gaul. But the truth is perhaps less fascinating. The … Read the rest



See Sphinx cat

The Sphynx, or cat Sphinx, It is a breed of cat whose most striking feature is its apparent lack of … Read the rest



The Sterling cat is named, probably, for its silvery appearance (“Plata de ley”). The color of the fur is impressively luxurious.

Apparently, the … Read the rest

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