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1California spangled

California Spangled

The California Spangled is a crossing of strains, including the of the Abyssinia, American hair … Read the rest

2Celtic shorthair

Celtic short hair

The cat Celtic shorthair It corresponds to a medium European domestic cat, It has developed course, without any breeding plan.

The … Read the rest



Probably the race Chantilly/Tiffany comes from the same crosses that created to the East of long hair (Angora). In 1967, in New York, Jennie … Read the rest


Chartreux cat

It is said that blue or grey cats arrived in Europe from Syria during the Crusades. Towards century xvm, the Chartreux was … Read the rest



The Chausie, aka jungle Curl, Stone Cougar, Cougar mountain, is a hybrid of the domestic cat (Felis silvestris catus) and Jungle Cat … Read the rest



The Cherubim and Honeybear These are experimental variations of the Ragdoll . They have not been accepted by all the associations.
Read the rest



The cat Chinchilla It is one of the oldest variants made by name, having been officially recognised in the Read the rest

8Chinese Harlequin

chino arlequin

The color pattern of the Chinese Harlequin is called Van. This pattern is also found in the Turkish van, but this … Read the rest

9Chinese Li Hua (Dragon Li)

Chinese Li Hua

The Chinese Li Hua (Dragon Li) He is regarded as a domestic breed of wild subspecies of the Chinese cat, Felis silvestris bieti. … Read the rest

10Chinese white


This breed of Chinese cat is a very new breed. Not much is known on the subject, except that it seems far to the … Read the rest



Clippercats they are a breed recognized recently, are being developed under strict guidelines. In a nutshell, they are the Antipodes Clippercats SH or … Read the rest

12Colorpoint longhair (Himalaya)

Colorpoint longhair

In Great Britain, the Himalaya He is known as the Colorpoint longhair.

In the Decade of 1920, experimental crosses between Siamese and Persians in … Read the rest

13Colorpoint shorthair

Colorpoint shorthair

The Colorpoint Shorthair they are the cousins of the Siamese twins.

The Colorpoint Shorthair shares the style of body, personality, length of the layer, … Read the rest

14Contemporary Burmese (Birmano)

contemporary Burmese

Breeders in the United States.UU. they prefer the “Contemporary Burmese“, Britons go to the “traditional Burmese”. A brief comparison of the race … Read the rest

15Cornish rex

Cornish Rex

In 1950 appeared a kitten's fur curled in a bait born on a farm in Bodmin, in Cornwall. The owner, Nina Ennismore, … Read the rest



Some records of cats considered to the Cymric a variety of long hair of the Manx, instead of a separate race. With the exception of … Read the rest

17Cyprus Mountain

Cyprus cat

The earliest evidence of the domestic cat was found on the islands of Cyprus. In 2001 French archaeologists discovered a human Tomb … Read the rest

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