Traditional Persian cat
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The Traditional Persian cat, also called persian “doll face” for her sweet, doll-like expression, it is one of the most popular purebred cat breeds in the world. Como la mayoría de los gatos domésticos, his story is shrouded in myths and rumors, but the first recorded cases of its appearance in Iran (then called persia) they were produced in the 16th century. A partir de ahí, the breed burst onto the international feline scene and became one of the most popular breeds in the world.
But, ¿qué es lo que hace que estas simpáticas bolitas de pelo sean tan especiales? ¿Y qué diferencia a un gato persa “traditional” from any other Persian?

Physical characteristics

"Traditional Persian cat"

Gato Persa tradicional
Doll face silver Persian cat – Andrey, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

When he hears the word “Persian cat”, you may immediately think of a flattened face and a short nose. Although he is not mistaken, las variantes más parecidas a los carlinos de los persas se han criado específicamente para exagerar esos rasgos. The traditional Persians, for its part, they have also been bred to have small, rounded heads and short noses, but not to the same extent as their exposure counterparts. Instead of the flat faces of the show Persians, traditional Persians have cute and innocent expressions reminiscent of children's dolls, de ahí su apodo común de “doll-faced persians”.

The Traditional Persian cat, just like their show cousins, has chubby cheeks and a short body. They are medium sized cats, that usually weigh between 2,5 and 4,5 kilos when they are adults. Y, like the persian show, traditional Persians also have long, flowing fur that requires daily combing to remove and avoid carpets and tangles. Their fur comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns, that go from white to black and from red to lilac, and can be found in calico, striped, flamed and many other patterns.

Character and skills

Like people, cats have their own personality, so not all persians are exactly the same. Having said that, as he Traditional Persian cat like show cats they tend to be very calm and docile cats that enjoy little naps on the sofa or on another favorite perch. They are affectionate and often enjoy the attention of their human family., but they don't usually make an effort to get it. They like peace and quiet, so they do not adapt well to homes with noisy children or extremely playful dogs.

Although they are not as energetic as other races, enjoy a good play session from time to time. And although they are happy to give you their space, they also like to be paid attention to and treated like royalty, and if they feel that he has neglected them, they will let you know that it is time for you to give them some good back rubs and scratch their ears.

Alternative names:

Doll Face Persian, Classic Persian, Old Fashioned Persian, Long-nosed Persian, Old-style Longhair, Traditional Longhair, Original Longhair.

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