Although it seems that the name implies that montes belongs to the cat hybrids, the ocicat is a fortunate accident dating

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2Blue eyes

Blue eyes

It is one of the newest breeds of cats, was recorded for the first time in New Mexico in the mid-1980s of the

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3Oriental short hair

Oriental-pelo - short

The Siamese cat was imported to Britain from Siam ( Thailand ) in the second half of the Decade of

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4Oriental short hair (U.S.)

Oriental shorthair

Began to raise in United States in the middle of the 70, Although ten years earlier it had been recognized in England, by what

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5Eastern long-haired


In 1985, in the Sholine of Houston gatería, Texas, United States, an oriental short hair and a Balinese escaped

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6Eastern long-haired English

of-angora-black cat

See: Angora

The name of this breed can create confusion. Quite unlike the East and long hair of the angora

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Middle long-haired cats are still a symbol of status from the first time that they arrived in Europe. They were

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8Lost Colourpoint

Lost colourpoint

See: Colorpoint longhair (Himalaya)

Colourpoint Persian has the complexion, the face and the fur of a Persian, and

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The Peterbald breed had origins in the year 1994 in St. Petersburg, Russia.
The idea of the creation of the Peterbald breed, was

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10Pixie Bob

Pixie bob

The pixie bob cat history begins in 1985, in the shadow of the Cascade Mountains of Washington, Carol Ann Brewer

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