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The Templecat is the equivalent of shorthair of the already well established race of the Burmese cat, (known as the Sacred Cat of Burma).

In the same way as the Exotic shorthair cat developed by crossing the Persian cat with others Shorthair cats, the Templecat was also the product of a cross with a Shorthair cat.


Cinnamonpoint Templecat - Photo: catzinc.org

In the case of the Templecat, a Sacred Cat of Burma was crossed with a Oriental shorthair cat tan tabby, being the first offspring a “shorthair sealpoint” and “classic chocolate tabby kitten”, demostrando así que la línea de Burmese used was a classic tabby under its pattern pointed and also that the “oriental tabby” que había venido de una larga línea de apareamientos entre Oriental había conservado el gen pointing, a very pleasant surprise.

The Templecat It was an idea of ​​the Mrs. June Mateer, founding member of Birman Cat Club of New Zealand and member of the NZCF Genetics Advisory Committee. From the first filial crossing, June progressed to the full record of the Shorthair burmese, in Seal, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Cinnamon and Fawn. Generational advances are only achieved through crosses.

The challenge was to produce a cat of type and conformation Sacred Cat of Burma (Birman), along with the classic Roman profile and correct markings on both gloves and gauntlets, but with a short, easy-care coat. This was no feat. Similar to the Exotic Shorthair no podía ocultar sus defectos de conformación bajo un pelaje largo y fluido, tampoco podía el “Shorthair burmese” Developing.

The breed was recognized as a provisional breed by CATZ Inc. under the temporary name of “Shorthair burmese”, entendiendo que otro nombre de raza tendría que ser solicitado dentro de un período específico. Subsequently, the name of the breed was requested “Templecat”, vinculando así la nueva raza a sus ya famosos progenitores, and this name was granted by the Board of CATZ Inc in August 2001.

Physical characteristics


Cinnamonpoint Templecat – Photo: catzinc.org

CATZ Inc recognizes the Templecat in the eight base colors of Seal, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Red, Cream, Cinnamon & Fawn, including variations Tortie and Lynx. The introduction of colors Cinnamon and Fawn has been of special interest to him Templecat. The Templecat Cinnamonpoint they sport a gleaming white coat that contrasts with the warm cinnamon tobacco color of the points.

Character and skills

Similar to the Sacred Cat of Burma (Birman), the Templecat It is a cat with a warm and people-friendly nature, with a cheerful but docile disposition.


The coat is short and easy to maintain, with a slightly elastic texture, although still moderately silky to the touch.

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