Cat breeds starting with D-E-F

History, physical characteristics, character and skills, images and videos of the cat breeds that begin with the letters D-E-F

Alphabetizing breeds of cats

1 Devon Rex

Devon Rex

The origins of the Devon Rex They consisted of a mutation of the curly hair, succeeded in Devon in 1960. This breed of cats have a

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2 Doll Faced Persian

Doll Faced Persian

The cat Doll Faced Persian He is regarded as a pure Persian cat breed. This race has not changed his physical appearance, but

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3 Domestic

Cat - domestic

With the diversity of breeds of cats that exist today, without a doubt, the best known is the domestic cat, or

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4 Donskoy

Don Sphynx

The Don Sphynx or Donskoy born as a race in 1987 with the discovery of a cat without hair in the Russian city of

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5 Dragon Li

Dragon Li

The Dragon Li He is regarded as a domestic breed of wild subspecies of the Chinese cat, Felis silvestris bieti. It was recognized by

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6 Elf


The Elf they have been researched and developed in the United States.UU. by the breeder Karen Nelson. A solid foundation has been built using lines of

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7 Sphinx


Otros nombres: Canadian hairless, Sphynx.

Beardless cats have been documented for more than one century. The Sphinx dates back to a recessive mutation

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8 European short hair

European short hair

The European short hair short hair corresponds to an average European domestic cat, It has developed course, without any plan of

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9 Exotic

Exotic cat

The exotic is the result of an experiment that went wrong. The breeders were trying to create an American short hair with fur

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