Short-haired Sighthounds

Group 10: Sighthounds – FCI

The Short-haired Sighthounds are popular for racetrack dog racing due to their streamlined bodies and very short fur. They can reach top speeds of between 50 and 80 km/h, making them one of the fastest dog breeds.

Standard – classification FCI

  • Group 10: Sighthounds
  • Section 3: Short-haired Sighthounds.
  • In this box we will focus on the Short-haired Sighthounds belonging to the Section 3 of the group 10 of the F.C.I..

    1 Azawakh (Tuareg Sloughi)


    The Azawakh they are excellent companions for runners and are almost impervious to heat.


    The coexistence you are going to have with is important

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    2 Greyhound (English Greyhound)

    English Greyhound

    The Greyhound It is a breed of dog that is used mainly as a companion and competition animal..


    It is important to

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    3 hungarian hound (Magyar Agár)

    hungarian hound

    The nature of hungarian hound, like its appearance, It is elegant. Extremely sensitive and smart, friendly sweetie, but never nosy.

    The hungarian hound is one

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    4 Italian Greyhound

    Italian Greyhound

    The Italian Greyhound despite being an Italian breed, not widely used in your country.

    Of ancient origin, the Italian Greyhound

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    5 Polish Greyhound

    Polish Greyhound

    The Polish Greyhound born to hunt, not only of the hare, the bustard and the fox, but also the wolf.

    The “Sighthound

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    6 Sloughi (Arabian Greyhound)


    It is said that the Sloughi (Arabian Greyhound), is the most intelligent hound.

    Originally from North Africa and probably a descendant of the ancient “Egyptian hound”,

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    7 Spanish greyhound

    Spanish Greyhound

    The Spanish greyhound is highly appreciated for your discretion and sincere affection, never inordinate, that he professes for his owner.

    The Spanish greyhound

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    8 Whippet


    The Whippet, like all sighthounds, is quite reserved. Don't play too much. His passion is hunting.

    The Greyhounds have ancient origins, Since

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