Spanish Greyhound

Galgo espanol

The Greyhound is a breed of dog indigenous Spain, by what is also known as Spanish Greyhound. According to the Royal Academy of the Spanish language, the word derives from the Latin Gallĭcus canis, dog of the Gaul. According to the classification of the CRF, the Greyhound is included in the Group X, section 3 , It corresponds to the venátici of short hair. Despite this classification there is also the variety of wire-haired. This race can be run at 60kmh.

They are athletic and stylish look, with long legs and bulky chest, it allow them to reach high speeds. The height at the cross is usually 62-70 cm in males, and 60-68 cm in females. Typical layer is short hair, smooth and fine. But there is also a variety of hard hair, It is long and rough hair, homogeneously distributed over the body, with beard, whiskers and TUPE. The most typical colors are: Barcino or striped, black, wafer, toasted, cinnamon, yellow, red, white, pronghorn or Pius.

When it comes to the origin of the breeds of dog whose length is demonstrated, you often speak of the similarity between these races and canine depictions of Egyptian art; the Greyhound is no exception in this regard. The truth is that the earliest written references of the Iberian Greyhound are found in the Treaty of the 2nd century to. C. Cynegeticus Arrian Nicodemia, who was Consul of Baetica.

The mural paintings from the Hermitage of San Baudelio Berlanga, in Soria, It dates from the 12th century, They show a scene from the hunting of the Hare, where are three greyhounds with characteristics very similar to the existing copies.

The author, from his personal experience in Hispania, Describes the hunting of hares with greyhounds virtually identically to as it is currently done in Spain, adding that it was a custom of Hispanics regardless of social class. In addition difference between Greyhound of smooth and hard hair, Variant this last very uncommon today in Spain although very appreciated in other European countries.

There are references to the greyhounds in texts of montería, expressions and sayings, Perhaps the most famous event in the first sentence of Don Quixote: In a place of la Mancha, whose name I don't remember, not has long lived a hidalgo of the spear in shipyard, adarga antigua, Skinny nag and Greyhound corridor.

In the early 20th century, There was a massive mix of Greyhound and Greyhound or hound English. This was intended to achieve quicker animals that compete on the tracks, fashionable at that time. This will endanger the purity of the breed, However after the official recognition of the same, It was able to recover thanks to the high number of exemplary cigars that were left in the hands of galgueros and hunters.

In Spain, the Greyhound was used for hunting in hunting and hunting of the Hare in open field, where the dog hunts the piece without the intervention of man after a Chase. This hunting type, He is currently sports nature, in the past was an act of social prestige that hunting was a pretext to demonstrate who was the holder of the best copy.

In recent years has been additionally most common maintenance of greyhounds as pets. They tend to be noble animals, somewhat shy and adapted well to life at home and often also to share space with other pets such as cats and rabbits.

Many of these greyhounds are animals who have suffered abuse or have been abandoned by not used for hunting. The less fortunate are death: the hangings, throw at shafts or poison them are frequently used methods. The rescued Greyhound, many are adopted out of Spain, Although most are increasingly appreciated within Spain as pets. At the same time, associations for the rights of animals have asked, without success, to ban hunting with greyhounds. Today many of the greyhounds which do not serve hunt are hanged or killed, while others leave them in kennels or drop out of them.

Spanish Greyhound

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