English Greyhound

Galgo Inglés

The English Greyhound (or Greyhound) It is a breed of dog that is used mainly as animal of company and competition.

The males are usually 71 - 76 height cm, and weigh between 27 and 40 kg. Females tend to be smaller, measuring between 68 and 71 cm., and weighing between 27 and 34 kg.

The greyhounds have very short hair, It is also easy to maintain. There are around 30 recognized different hair colour forms, variations of white, grey, red, black and white, among other colors, that may appear alone or in combination.

Dogs of this breed are very fast and athletic. However, Despite his reputation as racing dogs, these animals are not high-performance. They are skilled to run, but not to carry out extensive exercise. Most are quiet and noble animals. To make an adult Greyhound to stay healthy, must be minimum walks from 20 - 30 minutes a day.

The majority of the Galgos that are considered "finished" can live up to ten years more out of his life as a corridor.

As for the temperament, the Greyhound is a very affectionate dog, delicate, relaxed and obedient; leaving this surprised those who know. An important aspect to treat is the intensity of their Hunter instincts, He wakes to the less occasion than standing to act as a predator. Apart from this, away from the Racing Greyhound is a magnificent pets, by what in any case justified the usual practice of sacrificing them already when they cannot continue in active in the world of racing.

This breed of dog has been considered as valuable history that there was a time in which the common people was forbidden to own. Even in England was to issue a law allowing only hunted with Greyhound to nobles and Kings, While the servants of the nobility could not even possess them and free men, Although they could have a copy, It should be crippled so that they were not competitive.

The first race of greyhounds which pursue a mechanical dam was in London in 1876, but the race did not have many followers. Had to wait until 1920 to make this new form of entertainment was taken seriously. In 1926 used a track oval to practice this sport in Manchester, and since this form of the track is always used.

Probably the race with more history of the world that there are descriptions and, even works of art, refer to this breed of almost 6.000 years old.

Another record that makes this race is the speed. A dog of this race well-prepared cannot exceed 63 km/h. Also his ability to jump is significant taking into account that there are descriptions of a copy that made a leap of 9,14 m.

English Greyhound

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