Polish Hound

Lebrel Polaco

The Polish Hound (Chart Polski), Poland Greyhound or Polish Greyhound, It is a breed of dog lebrel of Polish origin, as its name suggests.

The Polish hound originated in Poland, and enter their ancestors are some Asian Hound, a dog type Saluki. But according to current theories do not have as ancestor to the English Hound, It does part of the history of other many different types of venátici.

The Polish Hound is a short, smooth fur can be many colors. The pelage is somewhat longer than the majority of the venátici, and it is rough to the touch. It has dual layer, and the internal becomes thicker in winter. They have tufts of hair long in the tail and the rear of the thighs.

While it retains the general appearance of a Greyhound, the Polish Hound, It is a dog is much stronger and less thin. This is a persistent Hunter, with a long, muscular neck (Unlike other greyhounds). It is an elegant dog, as all Hound, and carries his head high. It has large eyes almendrados with some inclination that give an expression of infinite tenderness.

This beautiful Hound, weighs around 29,5 to 43 Kg, and measures of 68.58 to 81 cm in height to the cross.

The Polish hound has some similarities with other venátici, they are hyperactive dogs at the time when bored, that is why it is good to have a purpose clear to be active (Games, hunting, exercises). In other respects they are very different from the typical Hound, for example, they may become aggressive dogs if they feel threatened or distrust of the environment, We must not forget that they were bred to hunt wolves, Hence their fierceness, also, something that helps is that, they are usually highly territorial. They have a strong instinct and not always accept new dogs at home.

They can be very good guard dogs in the House and create strong bonds with their owners, in some, This instinct is so strong, It does not accept any stranger who arrives home. They enjoy a good exercise regime, walking every day is a very good way to. They love to run, which is why, It is good to give this possibility taking him for walks in the open field where they can run rampant at.

On the other hand, fits very well to home, and not there will be nothing better than a good NAP on the sofa or the bed. They are obedient and easy to train, Although it may be a little stubborn. This is not the best race for a novice owner. They need early socialization and firm, with affection yet firm, It requires that its owner will be able to communicate who the boss at home.

The life expectancy of a Polish Hound, round the 10-12 years of age, Although cases of dogs who have lived have been reported to the 15.

Dogs breeds: Polish Hound

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