The Whippet It is a breed of dog of British origin, slender and elegant porte. They are active and playful dogs, similar physically to the English Greyhound. Its popularity has led to use the Whippet name on a large number of things, from cars to cookies.

The Whippet is a dog that is very well adapted to life in the city but must do exercise one to three hours a day as if the dog does not tend to suffer from overweight. To be a hound is a perfect choice for people who want to enjoy a companion while they exercise or simply those looking for it a company mascot. With children it is a good dog not becomes aggressive when children do not invade the place of the dog and be given a dignified treatment.

This dog should be kept-preferably– inside the House and not tolerate well low temperatures. Its daily maintenance goes no further in their ration of food (14 grams per kilogram of the dog). This dog needs many toys already that if not, It tends to break and destroy the furniture of home.

You can have a coat in different colorations. Its height to the cross is of 47 cm for males and 43 cm for females.
Before you buy one of these dogs should be analysed if willing to take care of it for a few 10-14 years, It is their average life expectancy.

In its principles, the Whippet were used to carry out the rabbit hunting contests.

These competitions were put rabbits in fencing and drop to the Whippet; the first to kill a rabbit earned. With the competitions of this kind the British miners played betting small amounts of money.

Later, with the prohibition of these competitions, the Whippet began to be used in races in which dogs were chasing a handkerchief or piece of skin over a straight track, Sometimes it was a simple alley. In this way continued small bets among working people who could not afford more serious gaming.

Currently, these races have been formalized and already are not performed in alleys but in regulatory tracks, also lines, in the Whippet pursued a stuffed animal shaped machined rabbit, instead of a scarf. In addition, Today, the Whippet is also used for the coursing.

Currently two possibilities on the descent of the Whippet are shuffled. One of them is a hypothesis which argues that the Whippet is the result of crossing the English Greyhound smaller by reducing the appeal of 75 - 50 cm.. Another hypothesis holds its origin, He was born in crossing the English Greyhound with a Spaniel, or with the Manchester Terrier.

At its origin, This race was treated as the English Greyhound of the poor despite the fact that today is a highly prized race. In the Victorian era, English miners could not afford spending posed by the possession of an English Greyhound by which this sector invented their own small and affordable version, giving rise to the Whippet.

There have been many comparisons made between these two races giving pro and cons constant on both. To get started, you could say that the Whippet takes its smallest complexion to possess an unparalleled acceleration, even higher to an English Greyhound. On the contrary the English Greyhound reaches the greater speed of all dogs in career: 64 km/h. Therefore, in a very short distance the Whippet could overcome his kinsman of larger size and fame.

Photo: Geeske Joel – © All rights reserved.

Dogs breeds: Whippet

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