Little Italian Greyhound

Galgo Italiano

The oldest remains of a very similar dog to the “Italian Greyhound” were found in an Egyptian tomb of ago 6000 years. It is believed that it existed for more than 2000 years in what today is known as Greece and Turkey since that is in the decorative arts. The breed was imported to Europe by the Phoenicians and then it was the Romans who developed. During the Renaissance, This dog enjoyed genuine devotion by European nobility and was depicted in paintings of the time. Today, There is a logo that uses for its elegance.

Affectionate and docile, the Italian Greyhound is extremely happy in his youth and therefore very active. It is able to get a jump on a dining table and jump into the face of an adult in welcoming.

Adults are dependent on its owner and relatively reserved with strangers. It is the fastest of the Group dogs (Toy) arriving to take up the 60 km/h.

Elegant and distinguished, the Italian Greyhound is a sensitive and intelligent dog. You can become shy if not served enough. It is a great companion dog for serene people but it is not a dog to have a home busy with many children, Although it can coexist perfectly with educated children. It also better coexists with other small dogs that large.

It appears more fragile than the, really, has. In spite of this, the Italian Greyhound is a very delicate bones unless it complies with the year and a half. It runs the risk of leaving one of their long legs.

The Italian Greyhound is perfectly adapted to small households. However you need to walk. Company in short races can do but prefers the walks and play with other dogs (better if they are not great). Like all venátici, the Italian needs protection because winter is very sensitive to the cold. This hound despite his frail appearance tends to enjoy a long life to overcome the 12 years.

Italian Greyhound

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