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    - Amazona farinosa

    Mealy Amazon

    Mealy Amazon


    38 to 46 cm.. height and between 705 and 766g weight.

    The Mealy Amazon It is distinguishable by its large size and the Ashen green color of dorsal plumage, bluish green feathers with a slight black border in the neck, edge of the Red Wing and tail with two intensities of green.

    The young are similar to adults, but with the eyes of Brown.

    It is a monogamous species, keeping the couple formation throughout the year.

    The mealy Amazon is one of the noisiest species of parrot of the Amazon, so they are easier to observe than other species.

    Like all parrots, its most important function in the ecosystem is predatory or disperser of seeds of the canopy.


    A. f. inornata (Mealy Amazon Inornata)
    A. f. Finch (Mealy Amazon green head or Costa Rica)
    A. f. Archive (Blue Crown or Guatemalan mealy Amazon)
    A. f. farinosa
    A. f. chapmani (Chapman's mealy Amazon)

    • Sound of the mealy Amazon.
    [audio:HTTPS:// Harinosa.MP3]

    It is found in humid forests, sub-humid, deciduous forests of Gallery, also in stubble to the 1100 m.
    Flying in pairs and rarely in flocks.


    Nests in hollow trees and outgoing Rocky possibly during the first quarter of the year.


    Feeds on a variety of fruits including palms.
    Seeds, tender leaves, buds of flowers and nectar. Clay in colpas.


    From Mexico South to Western Ecuador, and in Amazon, to the northeast of Bolivia.

    Not considered under any category of threat (LC); deforestation and hunting of consumption are the main threats.


    Although it appears as little concern by IUCN the species has been captured by the wild bird trade; There is no evidence of a decline in the population.

    Hunted for food in French Guiana.

    In Mexico in danger of extinction.

    In captivity:

    Something rare in captivity.

    Charming, gentle disposition; It can be noisy at times. Good copycat.
    Probably can live among 50 and 60 years.

    Alternative names:

    Mealy Parrot, Blue-crowned Amazon, Blue-crowned Parrot, Mealy Amazon, Southern Mealy Amazon (inglés).
    Amazone meunier, Amazone poudrée, Amazone poudreuse (francés).
    Mülleramazone (alemán).
    papagaio-moleiro, ageru, ajuru, curica, jerú, jurú, juru-açu, moleiro
    Amazona Burrona, Amazona Harinosa, Lora coroniazul, Lora Real, Loro Corona Azul, loro corona-azul, Loro Verde, Lora basta (español).
    Loro Burrón (Nicaragua).



    Amazona Harinosa (Amazona farinosa)

    – Libro Loros, Pericos y Guacamayas Neotropicales
    – Fotos: Tambako The Jaguar, Tambako The Jaguar,,
    – Sonidos: Diego Caiafa

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