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British bleu cat
Federations: FIFE, WCF, TICA, GCCF

Británico azul



The British Shorthair cat (BKH) It is presented in more than 300 recognized color varieties, the best known being the silver tabby and the one with blue fur, the British bleu cat.

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Physical characteristics

Like we have already said, the best-known color variant of the British Shorthair cat is the British bleu cat, with a solid blue-gray coat, orange eyes and a medium-sized tail.

Cats with blue fur have beautiful shades in their fur that will make them especially coveted by potential adopters.. Being able to admire a light gray coat with color reflections in the male or, on the other hand, a gray that really gets into the blue notes is quite rare to admire.

But, not all cats with a particular gray color are classified as British bleu cat. As such, eye color should be gold to copper. If that is not the case, the cat of this breed will be considered simply as a gray cat.

The combination of a blue fur with the intensity of that look makes British bleu cat be absolutely beautiful. The two colors contrast perfectly, which is why this cat is so successful.

 British Blue Shorthair
Buster a British Blue Shorthair – Flickr

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