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Arnie, a stray cat known for his extraordinary talent as a nanny


Arnie, a stray cat known for his extraordinary talent as “Babysitter” animal babies and abandoned, taken to Linton Zoo, in the southeast of the United Kingdom, died last week. Las criaturas favoritas

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Cruelty beyond belief: A truck with five hundred cats rescued path of restaurants in China

Chinese cat

These images show the time in which a truck with 500 Jacks was arrested during a routine check carried out in Xuzhou, in the Eastern Province of Jiangsu (China).

Scary: Algunos de los

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The body language of cats

The cats ears

Unlike dogs, cats usually do not cooperate for hunting or form cohesive groups. The colonies of cats are much more informal than the hierarchical Pack of wolves. Los gatos no

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The cat and the iguana

This cat seems to have no limit to demonstrate his appreciation to his impassive friend of cold blood. This not correspondidos loves seems to not matter at all to the minimal.

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A very strange cat

A very expressive cat video, probably alerted by a very strange human behavior.


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Where's the cat??

I seemed to see a cute kitten!!

This is a riddle for you and a tribute to all the cats that live on the street.

The one on the photo (If they discover it) ha encontrado la forma de que nadie lo moleste

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Cat sleeps to a baby that he cries regretful

Article Stewie

At first it seems that the last thing he wants the baby Connar, While cries and is twisted, It is that a cat appears and starts to play with it.

But this funny video shows how Stewie, que así

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New chapter of the American dream: a cat is elected Mayor


The inhabitants of the small American town of Sharon, in Wisconsin, they chose a cat as Mayor. During its usual business day the ' Chief’ the city receives visitors and inspects the territory.


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