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Norwegian Forest Cat
Federations: ACF, ACFA, CFA, FIFé, LOOF, TICA, WCF

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Bosque de Noruega
Photo: antagene.com

The only true thing about the cat Norwegian Forest Cat It's an ancient race.

The legend, He says that he is none other than the troll of Scandinavian fairy tales cat, But history suggests otherwise.

It is known that the domestic cat reached Norway by the year 1000 d. c. In addition to arrive with the gradual expansion of cats throughout Europe during previous centuries, cats arrived in Scandinavia due to the trade between the Vikings and the Byzantine Empire. Evidence of this movement are in some colors of fur, which are common in Turkey and Norway, but rare in the rest of Europe.

This relationship suggests the possibility that the gene for long hair came to Norway by the same trade routes. Long hair gave advantages to the harsh winters of the North, and became a widespread feature in Norwegian cats.

Gato de os Bosques de Noruega
Photo: Wilkipedia

The skogkatt or skaukatt, as is known, not recognized as a race in his native land until the Decade of 1930, and only a few decades later their selective breeding was carried out.

But, Since the Norwegian Forest cat has gained acceptance in its terra and abroad, Although it remains less well known that the Maine Coon , another similar past long-haired cat.

This race, also known as wegie, continues to reflect its origins as a farm cat, and breeders sometimes refer to him as their "little lynx".

It is great, robust and muscular, and his triangular head is defined by a long nose. His glossy hair has a waterproof layer and a less thick, insulating. It still also has the personality of a farm cat.

These cats are flexible and agile, excellent hunters, and it is known that they fish. Although they are calm and docile companions, they are independent and tend to vigorously defend their territory. A Norwegian lives happily being the only cat in the house.

Alternative names: Skogkatt / Skaukatt / Norsk Skogkatt / Norsk Skaukatt / Weegie

Cat breeds: Norwegian Forest Cat

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