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Aksaray Malaklisi
Tuquía Not recognized by the FCI . Cattle Dog Shepherd

Aksaray Malaklisi

The Aksaray Malaklisi it's a peculiar dog, accustomed to thinking and acting for himself


Historia Aksaray Malakli

Sheepdog from Turkey, was developed in the province of Aksaray, an of the 81 provinces Turkey. The provincial capital is the city of Aksaray, hence the name of the breed. While his name is Aksaray, the breed spread throughout the area which comprise the borders of its neighboring provinces. It borders the provinces of Konya the south and west, Nigde to the south east, Nevsehir east and Kirsehir to the North.

It is a dog cowherd. Cattle has been the most important source of livelihood of the natives for centuries, then there were many flocks of sheep and cattle in general, and these beautiful dogs were dedicated to the protection and guard flocks together with their owners, from time immemorial.

The Aksaray Malaklisi, in the native region he was often called "Kangal Shepherd Dog”, the reason for calling it that is was not because Aksaray (ciudad) and its surroundings in the heart of Anatolia but because being very similar to race Kangal Shepherd Dog (known as Karabash in the area), many breeders to sell to farmers interested in copies of Kangal Shepherd Dog, they told future buyers that it was that breed and not the Aksaray Malaklisi.

    I.e., for many years you sold dogs Aksaray Malaklisi They are saying they were of the race Kangal Shepherd Dog.

But that custom was reaching everyone's ears and things changed, breeding programs began to be regulated and requirements at dog shows were tightened, Since many breeders make claims.

These claims began to be taken into account, especially since while retaining some resemblance there are obvious differences in head and big feet Aksaray Malaklisi and hanging lips.

Physical Characteristics Aksaray Malaklisi

They are big dogs, bulky, at first glance seems to be lazy, but in reality they are very agile and fast. The male measured 75 to 95 cm de altura a la cruz y las hembras de 53 a 66 cm.. The weight should be proportional to the size and bone structure. In general, the weight varies from 20,5 a 31,75 kg. Males are usually larger and heavier than females bones. 65 to 85 cm.. The males they weigh in 70 to 120 kg and females of 50 to 80 kg.

Its fur It has a double layer. Like all dogs of this geographic region, they need a fur enabling them to withstand the temperatures and extreme climates in the area. The colors supported are several: Brown and wheat, yellow.

Character and skills

unique dog, accustomed to thinking and acting for himself, has strong character. He did not hesitate to attack if he sees part of his flock is in danger (among the herd be family, children, properties…). It´s suspicious with strangers.

According to consulted bibliographic sources, and comments on forums, It is a very dog territorial . They can often be aggressive with other dogs, that may be the most ruthless legacy of the human. This breed of dog was used almost, exclusively, for dogfighting perhaps that is the reason for his fame as a dog "aggressive”.

Images Aksaray Malaklisi

Videos Aksaray Malak

Turk Aksaray MALAKLI

Alternative names:

1. Central Anatolian shepherd, Aksaray Malaklısı, Turkish mastiff (English).
2. Aksaray Malaklisi, mastife turco, Malakli (Portuguese).
3. Mastiff d’Anatolie, Malaklı, Mastiff turc (French).
4. Aksaray Malaklısı, Türk Mastifi (Türkischer Mastiff), Malaklı (German).
5. Mastín turco, Aksaray Malaklısı, Pastor de Anatolia Central (español).

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  1. We are from Italy. We are interested to buy but we do not know how to import them. Your family can help?

  2. Quisiera tener perros de esta raza, donde y como se pueden comprar ?
    I would like to have dogs of this breed, where and how can they be bought?
    I would like to have dogs of this breed, where and how to buy them ?

  3. Hello,
    I have my family in Turkey who do professional breeding in Aksaray, in Turkey.
    The steps to bring these friends of man are not easy. If you are aware of being able to raise and maintain these animals, you can answer me.
    Have a good day

    • I am interested in a couple of different blood,de marikli script,you can bring them to the basque country (Spain),or it would be advisable for me to go to Turkey to bring healthy puppies and breeders, answer in spanish please,all the best


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