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Oriental Longhair cat
Federations: LOOF, CFA, ACF, ACFA, TICA, WCF

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Also know as Javanese cat (Colorpoint Longhair), the Oriental Longhair cat is a fairly rare breed of cat.

Contrary to what the various exotic names might suggest, was created in the United States.

Photo by blackmystica



In 1985, at Sholine Cattery in Houston, Texas, United States, an oriental short hair and a pellets they escaped their vigilance and be aparearon. The result was a litter of silky puppies and semilargo hair of Eastern plain colors. Wisely, the owner of the cattery, Sheryl Ann Boyle, decided to raise this race, and the main records in North America and Europe soon recognized, with the exception of the GCCF in Great Britain, It believed that it was too similar to the angora, now known as Oriental Longhair cat (angora).

In 1995, the CFA joined the Oriental shorthair cat and to the Oriental longhair cat in a single breed with two hair lengths, a controversial fact according to some breeders, that they preferred the longhair trait to be eliminated from breeding lines of the Oriental Shorthair. Due to its dotted ancestors, all Asians can have puppies occasionally dotted, but cannot be displayed in most associations, since they look very similar and can be confused with the Siamese and balinese.

Character and skills

Although the Oriental Longhair cat looks elegant, his personality is often described as less languid anything. All Oriental races have the reputation of being habladoras, playful, very curious and sociable. They need the company of other cats or their owner's undivided attention for a little while each day, and some studies on the nature of these cats show. Much of the personality of this cat is inherited, and for decades farmers have reinforced the extroverted personality of Eastern races. Copies walk willingly strap and play around to get an object as if they were dogs.

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