Although it seems that the name implies that montes belongs to the cat hybrids, the ocicat is a fortunate accident that dates back to long before the trend of the hybridization. Virginia Daly, nurturer of Michigan, crossed a Siamese with a Abyssinian with the hope of creating a Siamese with dotted atigradas tips.

The first generation of kittens appeared to the Abisinios, and when he returned to cross with a Siamese, He produced the second generation of expected Abyssinian-pointed. But there were also a spotted kitten in this bait, the daughter of Daly dubbed 'ocicat' by its resemblance to the ocelot. This kitten is castrated and sold as a pet. But when mating was repeated and the result was another similar kitten, called Dalai Talua, He became the founder of this little common breed female.

Another breeder, Tom Brown, He introduced the lineage of the hair corlo American some years later. The ocicat was recognized for the first time in 1986 by TICA, and it is now accepted in most of the more important records. The coat is short and thin, and it has a powerful but sleek and athletic complexion, with muscular legs. It has a wide head wedge, large ears and slightly slanted eyes, What gives an Eastern aspect. The ocicat also reveals his Siamese ancestry in their personality, It is playful, attending and that responds well to training when it is young.

It is a sociable breed and not adapted to the long loneliness.

Visual guide to cats, Dr. Bruce Fogle

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