Blue eyes

Ojos Azules

It is one of the newest breeds of cats, He recorded for the first time in New Mexico in the mid-eighties of last century. Its main feature is its eyes; These are very intense and brilliant blue, even more than the Siamese twins. This feature in these cats is due to the emergence of a mutated gene is dominant. The rarity of this race and the fact that it is still experimental is the dominant gene mutation is linked to a lethal gene and skull deformities are associated.

This new breed is descended from a cat tortie spotted in the State of New Mexico and baptised with the name of Cornflower. This cat was very dark blue eyes, that normally only found in white cats or colourpoint. Its name (original at Spanish) refers to this feature, It is independent of the color of the fur. In 1991 the TICA published a standard. This is a very rare breed.

Blue eyes are sized medium and well proportioned; are oval-shaped. The head is triangular in shape, their cheeks are prominent. The muzzle is square and slightly flat nose.The ears are medium sized and high intersection. The eyes are blue-grey or light blue, they are large, almond-shaped, almost round. The hind legs are slightly longer than the front and angled. The feet are small. The tail is long average and finished at tip.

They can be short or middle-long hair, in the first coat is fine, soft and silky; long-haired fur is also dense and its tail is where it presents a greater length.

All colors and patterns are allowed.

They are active cats, friendly and caring.

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