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The Peterbald breed had origins in the year 1994 in St. Petersburg, Russia.
The idea of the creation of the Peterbald breed, It was conceived in 1993 by Ms. Olga Mironova, well known judge and admirer of the cats in this country; who came up with the creation of a new sleek and shaved cat completely different to the Sphynx.

The basis of race was originally planned by experimental crosses of the Siamese breed cats and / or Eastern modern and lightweight type, specimens with a spontaneous mutation Russian for cats with lack or loss of hairs that occurred in 1986. It was called at that time as Donsphynx by the city of Rostov on Don (bordering to the Don River)where it originated and was discovered; today in TICA is recognized with the name of DonSkoy.

The result of crosses made between a very elegant female of the Eastern race, named Radma von Jagerhov, Olga Mironova property; and a male with the original Russian dominant mutation for hair loss, named Afinogen Myth, they were the first Peterbald kittens born in the year 1994.
The first two litters of kittens were four peterbald kittens called: Mandarin iz murine, Muscat iz murine, Nezhenka iz murine and Nocturne iz murine, which are considered to be the basis of race.


According to the opinion of the author and creator of the breed, Olga Mironova, at least one of them should be present in the whole race Peterbald cat pedigree.

The Peterbald breed cats are medium-sized and are characterized by a unique combination of harmonious and well balanced physical characteristics.
Front view head forms a distinctive equilateral triangle of relatively straight imaginary lines without cracks or outstanding at the height of the eyes or the pinch.

This triangle or wedge begins at the snout at the tip of the nose and is continuing to increase its opening on each side of the face until the birth of the ears. The ears are really big, wide open at the base and are shaped side continuing the triangle that form the imaginary lines of wedge slightly below.
The eyes are almendrados, or sunk or bulging. The profile is a long and continuous, slightly convex in some cases.

They are slender animals with a medium-sized head to the body. His body is elegantly thin, muscle, long and slender.
Feet high but harmonic to the rest of the animal.

The animals of this race have the particularity of having different degrees of baldness or lack of hair. These can range from total lack of hairs to so-called brush hairs. Between one and one, There is a variety of different lengths in mm of this hair.
Unlike the Sphynx breed cats, whose genes responsible for the absence of hair are recessive, the peterbald in the hereditary character of the loss of hair is poligénico dominant. This can be seen in puppies heterozygotes born with mantle or some sort of residual mantle lost with the passage of time starting with the Crown or top of the head; While homocigotos puppies are born without hair.

In some cases and in some breeding lines, its characteristics are hypoallergenic.

The Peterbald cats are usually sweet and peaceful temperament, curious, Smart, energy and very companions. They are very demanding and affection for their owners-dependent animals. They love to the members of the family and even children, elderly or other pets. All these features make the peterbald breed an excellent company.


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