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The pixie bob cat history begins in 1985, in the shadow of the Cascade Mountains of Washington, Carol Ann Brewer found an unusual male kitten. The owners of the kitten had seen a small coastal red close your female cat Lynx. Carol was intrigued by the wild appearance of the kitten, and he began to look for other similar cats. She acquired a breeding which supposedly had a bobcat inheritance characteristics (wild cat that lives in the northeast of the United States). The calf was born of a mother with polydactyly, or, with a higher than normal number of fingers – 6 or 7 the reverse of 5 in the paws, 5 or 6 the reverse of 4 on the hind legs – and a father bobcat, name Sasha, also with polydactyly. Carol Brewer won two more of these legendary copies, with the same characteristics of the rearing. These two cats would be the parents of Pixie, a female in an impressive wild aspect and it was used as a model for the future cat pixie bob breed.

The goal of the pixie bob breed cat breeders was to create a domestic cat resembling the Lynx native coastal Pacific Red. Often referred to as the "double of the bobcat" or "disguised as a dog", There is considerable controversy about the origin of the breed of cat pixie bob because his story is not yet completely determined. For some experts, the history of the cat pixie bob breed is a myth that speaks of a cat with a hybrid genetic character. The legend speaks of the junction between a ferocious feline, the bobcat, and a cat domestica. Like this, the race pixie bob cat would have genes of a hybrid nature and characteristics of its ancestor, the bobcat. But so far, tests to cat pixie bob breed blood have failed its hybrid character evidence. Like this, the data that exist on this race are based on records of Carol Ann Brewer, the creator of the breed.

One of the first characteristics of the behaviour of the pixie bob breed is that it referred to his sociability. Generally referred to cat pixie bob as "cat dog" race because copies of the pixie bob breed not only tend to be very affectionate and loyal to his family, they can even be trained to walk collar & leash. If they are either encouraged from a very young it is also common to see them to travel by car.

While pixie bob breed cat is usually ready, independent and good Hunter, usually prefers the consuelos's House to the call of the wild. It is generally a gentle cat who live very well with children and other pets. Copies of the cat pixie bob breed tend to enjoy life in a Department and in general do not have destructive habits.
In summary: Pixie bob breed cat tends to be faithful, calm and affectionate; all important characteristics when deciding to incorporate a non-human member to the family.

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